Top 10 Coronavirus Issues in the USA

Top 10 Coronavirus Issues in the USA

Top 10 Coronavirus Issues in USA


The ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic 2020 originated in the city of Wuhan, China. However, it took less than three months to shift its epicenter from China to the USA. As of today, the USA is an unfortunate country that has to cope with most COVID-19 cases daily. Not only that, but most deaths daily are also reported in the USA. Now that this superpower is fully entangled in tentacles of this contagion, several coronavirus issues in the USA have popped up. In this discussion, we focus on such top 10 coronavirus issues in the USA.

1- Delayed Decision Making

A valuable lesson that all nations learned from the coronavirus pandemic is delay is deadly. But at what cost? Alas! Thousands of lives were lost before sense prevailed. The USA is no different from this negligence. A mere glance at President Trump’s statements can tell anyone about the propensity of Trump administration to acknowledge COVID-19 as an impending emergency. Finally, the USA has begun to back away from its previous narrative of fear is exaggerated!

2- Testing Capacity

According to The COVID Tracking Project, the USA has a testing capacity of nearly 30 thousand individuals a day. While the number is a satisfactory one as compared to the third world countries, by USA standards, it is far from sufficient. Across all the states of America, diagnostic kits must be provided in a greater number than ever. This will help in quicker identification of patients with coronavirus in the USA.

3- Personal Protective Equipment Shortage

According to several media reports from the most reputed newspapers, the medical personnel in the USA face a crisis. The surgical masks, which are designed for one-time use, are out of supply. And not only the masks. There is a shortage concerning PPE i.e. personal protection equipment. Suit, gown, gloves, tissues. You name it. The health care staff are in a dire need of protective gear, even though it has been more than a month since the virus first arrived in the states.

4- Ventilators

There are not just enough ventilators in the world now. A careful estimate tells us that there are 160,000 ventilators in the USA. This number is nowhere close to meet American demands. Hence, the Trump administration is keen on seeking help from other friendly countries in this regard. People who are at a critical stage need artificial oxygen to keep them going. Hence, their shortage is one of the major coronavirus issues in the USA.

5- Storing the deceased

It is a world in distress if morgues start putting up signs like those that we are closed. This is the state of affairs in some counties in some states in the USA. As the morgues overflow, there is a challenge as to where to store the deceased victims of COVID-19. In some instances, refrigerator trucks and freezers were used for storing the bodies temporarily. However, a more effective solution is desperately needed.

6- The Trump-FDA fiasco

One of the major coronavirus issues in the USA and worldwide is of course worldwide, which is the unavailability of a vaccine against the pathogen. While these are some desperate times, President Trump has become something of a doctor himself. He pushed the idea of using Hydroxychloroquine, the malarial drug, to treat COVID-19. This announcement came without any approvals from the FDA and has led to nothing but more wild speculations and rumors. For the sake of humanity, we pray President Trump is right! However, vaccine development has propped up as one of the major coronavirus issues in the USA.

7- Never seen before panic

You must have seen the footages of departmental stores, where people are fighting over articles of daily use like tissue papers. The situation is the same in the USA. Excessive acquisition of items is proving to be a major coronavirus related issue in the USA.

8- Economy

Well, it seems of the least importance when thousands of people are dying every day. Nevertheless, the American economy has taken one of the worst hits in recent times, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

9- The US-China blame game

From Trump terming the coronavirus as the Chinese virus to China’s retaliatory statements, the USA- China tensions have escalated a fair bit. Sense must prevail, as the world is bound to suffer more if the blame game goes on.

10- The hopeful deception

From tall claims of eradicating the virus in a matter of weeks to finally admitting that one lac people may die from the COVID-19, Trump administration has come a long way. Nevertheless, it goes on to show, doesn’t it? Dishonest statements are one of the major coronavirus issues in the USA!


China has almost won its war against the coronavirus pandemic, in a most admirable manner. This superpower also needs to find ways of tackling the coronavirus issues in the USA. Only then, the USA will be able to claim a victory over this deadly invisible enemy! 

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