Top 15 Trust Organizations in Pakistan

Top 15 Trust Organizations in Pakistan

Top 15 Trust Organizations in Pakistan

Trust organizations are really very important to deal with the needy parts of the society and are also helpful hand to provide a healthy upward boost to the society.  A charitable trust is an immutable trust that is developed for charity purpose and is generally called as charitable organizations. Top 15 Trust Organizations in Pakistan

What is a Trust Organization:

A trust organization is an organization that set up to provide help to raise money for those who are in need. This organization provides help for homeless people. The non-profit organizations work to volunteer for any social cause. According to experts definitions trust organization is not in need of any member and do not look to employ staff and the small number of employees work on managing the money, property and look after the charity purpose.

Benefits of a Trust Organization:

A trust organization has a series of benefits for the society. Some of the most beneficial aspects of a trust organization are:

  • These  organizations are flexible and simple
  • Easy to formulate and process
  • Easy to deal with the documentation and processing of documentation
  • More trustees are appointed by recent trustees
  • The trustees can hold investments and lands
  • The regulations of charity commission give the trust with credibility level
  • The trust organizations are cheap and administer

Types of Trust Organizations:

There are basically two types of trust organizations known as; lead trust and remainder trust. A lead charitable trust facilitates an ongoing income for a particular time period to a specific purpose. While on the other hand, a charitable trust provides withholding of flowing income to the donors, for a defined time period and purpose.

The Lead Trust:

In this type of charitable trust organizations, the donor receives an immediate tax deduction now he makes a gift. This deduction is equal to the current value of future income stream. In this case, the donor is taxed each year and the donor can establish a lead trust in his entire life or can establish it at the time of death, in his will.

The Remainder Trust:

These kinds of trust organizations can be of two types that depend on the income payment that is determined on the basis of the initial value of the trust and the value of the annually determined property of the trust.  On the other hand, a charitable remainder unit trust must payment equal to minimum 5% of the annual property of the trust.

Top 15 Trust Organizations in Pakistan

  1. Transparenthands Trust
  2. Nuteje America
  3. Idonate Foundation
  4. Green Crescent Foundation
  5. Saylani Welfare International Trust
  6. Ansar Burney Trust International
  7. Agha Khan Rural Support Program
  8. Care Foundation
  9. Edhi Foundation
  10. Aman Foundation
  11. Pakistan International Human Rights Organization
  12. Shahid Afridi Foundation
  13. Bilqees Sarwar Foundation
  14. Darul Sakun
  15. Saylani Welfare International Trust

Just like any other part of the world, there are a number of trust organizations that are working in Pakistan. These organizations are working on the same pattern that is followed globally. Here is the list of top 15 trust organizations in Pakistan.

Donate - Top 15 Trust Organizations in Pakistan
If you are donating to a right trust, your donation will be tax-exempt. A charitable trust is a precise platform to ensure that the contributors are reaching the deserving and providing you tax exemption and thus becoming, effective, and attractive financial tool. If you are a person who believes in the idea that a charity always begins at home, must join hands with these trust organizations and play their role to make the world a better place to live.

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