Top 3 Charities and Organizations for Open Heart Surgery

Top 3 Charities and Organizations for Open Heart Surgery

Organizations for Open Heart Surgery


The advancements in the field of medical research mean that many diseases that were incurable once are now treatable. The ailments of the heart are of particular interest to cardiologists, extensive research is always going on in this field. Heart surgeries magically revive people who have almost given up on life. However, open-heart surgeries can cost an arm and a leg. There are many organizations and charities, which provide financial assistance to those patients, who cannot afford an Open Heart Surgery on their own. In today’s discussion, we talk about such three magnificent institutes that provide help to heart patients in Pakistan.

1- National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases

The NICVD is one of the oldest institutes in the country that is taking care of patients with heart diseases. One can safely say that if it were not for this reputable institute, the field of cardiology would not have flourished that well in Pakistan. Patients from all over Pakistan, as well as from certain other countries are also welcome at this magnificent center of hope for many. For some time, NICVD was an independent NGO. Now, however, it works as an autonomous body.

The institute believes that saving lives comes first, rather than financial matters. Hence, patients who need immediate cardiac surgeries, such as open-heart surgeries, turn to this center for saving their lives. The standard of the treatment one gets is quite exceptional. No discrimination influences the treatment; facilities are the same for patients with or without financial constraints.  Apart from providing medical assistance to cardiac patients, the center also believes in promoting research in the field of heart diseases.

2- Punjab Institute of Cardiology

This is yet another state of the art cardiac center in the country. The Punjab Institute of Cardiology is a reputable center in the country, one that believes in spreading awareness about heart diseases as well. PIC also trains doctors to take care of heart patients in the country. All of that is commendable but nowhere close to its role for which PIC finds a place in our list. Yes, taking care of cardiac patients and providing for their open-heart surgeries.

We are talking about those underprivileged families, which cannot afford the costly open-heart surgeries. Forget the surgery, finding a private ward for these patients alone is a nightmarish experience for these families. Government hospitals are full to brim with patients and private hospitals are too expensive. In desperate times like these, it is institutes like PIC, which prove to be a ray of hope in cardiac patient’s life. Once you are entitled, all of your treatment is free of cost.

A hospital of 550 plus beds, a lab, which offers all the diagnostic tests and surgical procedures and methods of international standards. One could not ask for a better healthcare facility with all services that are free of cost.

3- Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation

Kids need special care when it comes to the suffering of the heart. Many newborns die all over the world, simply because they were not offered a surgical intervention that would have saved their life. The numbers are too horrific to discuss. Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation realizes the severity of this issue. Hence, the foundation aims to establish a facility, which offers heart surgeries to the underprivileged kids, free of cost. So many lives have been saved already by the angels at the Pakistani Children’s Heart Foundation.

The fact that all the treatment is free has not compromised its quality. Experts with sufficient experience, modern-day tools, and equipment and the latest surgical methods are employed to help these kids in distress. Pakistan is a country with a high percentage of newborns, which have congenital heart defects. It is institutes like Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation, which are going to help these poor souls.


There are many other independent organizations and charitable institutes, which provide help to the patients suffering from heart disorders, apart from the ones that we discussed today. We wish we could have discussed all of these wonderful Organizations for Open Heart Surgery, but limitations of time force us to conclude this discussion here. We hope that you will contribute to the cause as well, by donating money to these charitable institutes.

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