Top 5 Charity Christmas Gifts

Top 5 Charity Christmas Gifts

Top 5 Charity Christmas Gifts

Christmas becomes delightful when we are wrapped with the warmth and love of our family at the comfort of our home.

Unfortunately, we live in an unequal world where life is easier for those who have the wealth to buy the comfort whereas it becomes a nightmare for the people who do not have the luxury to pay for their basic necessities.

When we are being blessed with the fortune and goodness of life, we must warm up our conscious on this spiritual and festive eve of the Christmas and think about the people that aren’t as fortunate as us.

Our compassion and generosity can heal their wounds and pain. We can make a generous effort to share our wealth and fortune with the unfortunate people.

Let’s enlighten our mind with the real spirit of Christmas and help to restore peace and goodwill in our society or neighborhood through generous giving.

Let us put our heart into giving. Let us give and give with great love.

1) Assist for Medical Treatment or Surgeries:

We have the ability to make a huge difference into someone’s life and help them to live a healthy and normal life again.

There are millions of people around the world who lack access to basic healthcare mainly because they do not have the luxury to pay for medical treatments which have become a commodity nowadays.

We can donate to organizations that fund treatments or surgeries for poor patients from low-income families. We can also donate to the humanitarian organization and help them to distribute pharmaceuticals and medical supplies like antibiotics, antifungal medications, painkillers, and surgical supplies to the countries like Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq where war and armed conflicts have torn the nation apart. 

Crowdfunding for Surgical Costs for poor people of Pakistan

Crowdfunding for Surgical Costs for poor people of Pakistan

2) Give the right kind of food:

This Christmas we have the opportunity to take care of the poor who are bound to starve and suffer from the pain of hunger. We can also help low-income families that buy cheaper foods instead of healthier ones because they do not have the financial ability to buy nutritious food for all the family members. These families often make compromises with health issues just to ensure they have enough food for all for a longer period of time so that no one has to pass a day in hunger.

Rising expenses of food, poor financial situation, and war or disasters are the reasons why millions of people are severely malnourished around the world. Each one of us needs a variety of food to nourish our body with all the essential nutrients needed for a healthy living.

This Christmas donate to humanitarian organizations, emergency malnutrition clinics, and therapeutic feeding centers or to food banks to ensure good food for a good life.

3) Protect and Love the Children:

Besides the fulfillment of all basic needs, a child needs the protection, care,and love of the family and society. It’s our responsibility to make the surroundings safe and secured for all children living in our neighborhood so that they can have a good start in life. 

Unfortunately, there are millions of children in this world who are surviving each day in a nightmare. They wake up each day thinking that the bad dream will be over but their lives of exploitation, gang violence, labor, assault, harassment, discrimination, physical abuse, prostitution or trafficking are the things that don’t seem to come to an end!

We can stand by them by supporting the organizations working to protect the children’s rights and have launched programs to provide rehabilitation for children to overcome from traumas and rebuild their lives as normal human beings.

Our donations to these charitable organizations can help to save the children from all the dark sinisters of life and give them an opportunity to have a happy, healthy and secure childhood.

Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation

Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation

4)Distribute the Warmth of summer this winter:

Lighting up the brightness of the sun in your heart, you may take steps to help the people to curl into the warmth of their warm clothing this winter.

You can give away your old clothes which are still in decent and good conditions like sweaters, jackets, jeans, woolen leggings, warm pants, heavy shirts, hats, sturdy shoes, socks, woolen muffler, scarves etc to help them keep warm in shivering cold.

When your donation is combined with useful materials that every person needs in their day to day life, the impact of your donation is multiplied ten times especially for the children and families who need them the most.

5) Educational Kit:

Education can help a child climb the ladder of opportunities.

School becomes odd and uncomfortable for students who tend to be different from others for the wrong reasons. Often such children are sympathized or humiliated in their schools but whatever the case may be their self-esteem is undermined and they feel inferior to others. 

This Christmas you can help childrenfrom poor or low-income families with educational kits. Educational kits contain all necessary stuff that a child needs at school. For example- proper stationery, a new uniform, sports gear etc.

Giving educational kit to a child will help him to focus on his studies rather than worrying about educational resources.

Download our TransparentHands iPhone Application for Online Donation

Download our TransparentHands iPhone Application for Online Donation

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