Top 5 Zakat accepting organizations in Pakistan

Top 5 Zakat accepting organizations in Pakistan

Ramzan is the month that brings a number of opportunities to Muslims to upgrade their spiritual life and be truly human and Muslim. It is the month of giving; a chance to give back to society what it has given to us. In the busy life of this date, it is quite difficult to reach out to the needy people, despite the utmost wish and capability to help others. For this reason, we have aligned a list of some of the organizations that are working in Pakistan with an aim to become a bridge between you and the one who is in need of your help. Top 5 Zakat accepting organizations in Pakistan.

In the holy month of Ramadan, zakat is something that is a must to be given; these organizations play their role in collecting zakat and other kinds of donations and give it to poor people living around you. Your Zakat, through these organizations, can help to save lives, educate people and change their lives in any possible way. The blow enlisted organizations accept zakat funds and use them for the best possible cause.

TransparentHands Trust:

Free Healthcare Services for those Who Cannot Afford:

“Transparent Hands” is the largest technology platform for crowdfunding in the healthcare sector of Pakistan. It offers a complete range of free healthcare services including medical and surgical treatments, medical camps and telehealth facilities, to the underprivileged community of Pakistan.

The platform provides visibility of needy patients and builds a personal and trusted bond between patients and donors while ensuring complete transparency. It also sets up free medical camps in the rural areas of Pakistan in which, free medical consultation, free medicines, and free diagnostic tests facility is provided to the deserving patients. Top 5 Zakat accepting organizations in Pakistan.

Committed to Provide Free Healthcare Services to People in Need:

Transparent Hands provides, free medical and surgical treatment facilities to the deserving patients across Pakistan in private hospitals. It also sets up free medical camps in rural areas of the country. Transparent Hands is also providing healthcare at doorstep through its advanced tele-health service.

Donors from all over the world can use our online Crowdfunding web portal and donate through 100% secure payment modes. They could select any patient, fund the treatment and receive regular feedback and updates until the patient is recovered completely.

Top 5 Zakat accepting organizations in Pakistan

Edhi Foundation:

One of the most appreciated and internationally known foundations in Pakistan was founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi in 1951. This foundation provides round the clock emergency services in all parts of the country. It has around 300 operating centers around the country. The offered services include accommodation for destitute, handicapped, and orphans, etc. It also offers free medical care and hospital services with national international relief, drug rehabilitation, education, blood and drug bank, healthcare, coastal and marine services, and air ambulance services.

This foundation has helped transform the lives of hundreds of people and the donations or zakat can be accepted via credit cards, banks or PayPal for more information to give zakat online.

Top 5 Zakat accepting organizations in Pakistan

The Rising Sun:

The idea was formulated by Mr.  & Mrs. Abdul Tawwab Khan in 1984 and the journey started by then, only with two special kids. Now it is looking after about 415 enrolled kids and about 68 kids through their home-based rehabilitation services. It is a major institute in Pakistan that is providing services like education, physiotherapy, speech therapy, sensory and hydro integration therapy to children with intellectual (cognitive) impairment cerebral palsy and autism and vocational training, etc. Top 5 Zakat accepting organizations in Pakistan.

The Citizen Foundation:

It is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the field of education. It was established back in 1995. According to the records generated in April 2014, the organization has about 1000 operational schools that are providing education to more than 145,000 students in different parts of the nation. The organization has also partnered with the, in order to help them achieve their goals and build 141 TCF schools in different parts of Pakistan.

Top 5 Zakat accepting organizations in Pakistan

CARE Pakistan:

It began back in 1988 by Seema Aziz. The first school attracted about 250 students on its very first day and is now serving in different parts of the country. The name now owns about 352 schools, each offering quality education to more than 180,000 students. It has now introduced an English program that is providing high-quality education in English to about 2,991 students. The organization has the aim to educate 1/9million kids by the year 2018. Your donation of 700 rupees will help kids to deal with his educational expenses for one month. Top 5 Zakat accepting organizations in Pakistan.

Top 5 Zakat accepting organizations in Pakistan

Honorable Mention:

Above mentioned organizations are accepting zakat online from anyone living anywhere in the world. If you reside in Pakistan, then you can also visit them personally and donate as much as you want. There is another organization that is worth mentioning here; The Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation (SUIT).

The Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation:

Also known as SIUT, it started its journey almost 4 decades ago with an 8-bed ward in the burns unit of the civil hospital Karachi. Now it has more than 500 beds and the offered facilities and services spread on more than 400,000 sqft. Regionally known as one of the well-equipped centers for renal transplantation and related diseases the institute is well appreciated. To know more or make your donation.

In this holy month of Ramadan, let’s spread happiness by giving our zakat to the needy and poor people. You can visit the web site of your favorite charity organization, and donate your zakat to them to support the noble cause they are working on. Your little effort can create a big impact in the lives of the deserving people of Pakistan. Let’s unite and donate for charitable causes!



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