What is Qurbani in Islam? 

What is Qurbani in Islam? 

What is Qurbani in Islam

Qurbani (animal sacrifice) is performed by millions of Muslims around the world on Eid-al-Adha to commemorate the sacrifice the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was willing to make for the sake of Allah (SWT). After sacrificing the animal, Muslims distribute a portion or all of its meat among the poor and needy. The sacred act of Qurbani demonstrates our obedience to Allah (SWT). This article can help you understand the importance of Qurbani in Islam and how we can make a difference by giving our Qurbani donation online. 

The Meaning of Qurbani in Islam   

Qurbani is an Arabic word that translates to sacrifice in Arabic. It is the sacrifice we give on Eid-al-Adha during the month of Dhul Hijjah in the Islamic lunar calendar. The Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is a role model for Muslims across the globe and by giving Qurbani we follow in his footsteps.  

Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) Sacrifice

The Prophet Ibrahim (AS) faced various tests and challenges, but he kept his faith in Allah (SWT). He dreamed that Allah (SWT) had instructed him to sacrifice his son Ismail (AS). Submitting to the will of Allah (SWT), the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) traveled to Mount Arafat with Ismail (AS) to perform the sacrifice. His son Ibrahim (AS) was also willing to submit Himself when He heard His father’s dream. However, just when the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was about to sacrifice His son, Allah (SWT) intervened and sent a ram to Him to be sacrificed instead of Ismail (AS). 

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The Importance of Qurbani for Muslims

The act of performing Qurbani reflects our submission, devotion, and obedience to Allah (SWT). Not only is it mandatory for eligible Muslims to give Qurbani, but it also allows us to increase our closeness to Allah (SWT). By reflecting on the story of the Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) sacrifice, we understand that our relationship with Allah (SWT) has to be of higher importance than anything or anyone else in our lives. In addition, the Qurbani meat we distribute among the needy makes it possible for them to celebrate Eid-al-Adha to the fullest. 


When should we give Qurbani in 2024? 

Qurbani is given on Eid-al-Adha during the month of Dhul Hijjah, which is the last month in the Islamic lunar calendar. We can sacrifice the Qurbani animal on one of the three days of Eid-al-Adha. We start celebrating Eid on the 10th day of Dhul Hijjah, but the exact date of Eid-al-Adha depends on when the moon is sighted.

At what age is Qurbani farz (obligatory) and who needs to perform Qurbani? 

It is obligatory for all those who meet the following conditions to give Qurbani: 

1. All Muslims (male and female) who are sane and have reached puberty 

2. Those who are not traveling 

3. Muslims who possess wealth equal to or exceeding the Nisab threshold 

Do we need to call out the name of the person on whose behalf we’re giving Qurbani? 

If we’ve made the intention of sacrificing the animal on someone’s behalf, it’s not necessary to call out their name when giving Qurbani. 

How many animals do we need to sacrifice on Eid-al-Adha? 

The minimum Qurbani requirement for a sane Muslim adult is one goat or sheep, or one share of a cow or camel out of a total of seven shares.  

Can we sacrifice multiple animals per person on Eid-al-Adha? 

Yes. Many Muslims choose to perform multiple Qurbani. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Himself gave more than one Qurbani. 

Do we need to give Qurbani on behalf of our children? 

As per the Hanafi school of thought, children don’t need to give Qurbani until they reach puberty and meet the Nisab threshold. 

Are there any special requirements to follow before giving Qurbani? 

It’s recommended that we stop cutting our nails, hair, and skin during the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah until we give Qurbani. 

What is a Qurbani donation? 

The Qurbani meat is usually divided into three equal parts – one part is kept for the person making the sacrifice, one part is given to the person’s relatives and friends, and one part distributed is among the needy. However, many Muslims choose to donate all three parts of the Qurbani meat to the needy. Besides reflecting on the importance of Qurbani, we can take steps to help the underprivileged on Eid-al-Adha through our Qurbani donation. Today, online platforms like Transparent Hands allow you to book your Qurbani from anywhere in the world and distribute meat among the most deserving people. Those who live in countries like the UK and US can perform their Qurbani with ease and feed many families. 

From the story of the Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) sacrifice to how we follow in His footsteps by giving Qurbani every Eid-al-Adha, we covered many aspects of this sacred act. Given the importance of Qurbani in Islam, it’s necessary for us to not only understand the meaning of Qubani but also explore options to make a significant difference in the lives of the needy on Eid-al-Adha. Let’s make this Eid-al-Adha special for those who’ve been waiting for our Qurbani donation the whole year. 

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