TransparentHands treated more than 9000 patients in Free Medical Camps

TransparentHands treated more than 9000 patients in Free Medical Camps

TransparentHands treated more than 3500 patients in Free Medical Camps

TransparentHands is a Medical Trust that funds the surgeries of poor patients using a global Crowdfunding platform. This platform ensures complete transparency by mentioning the details of the poor patients which in turn helps to build a strong bond between the recipients and donors.

Pakistan being a developing country has many problems, thus, its healthcare system isn’t flawless yet. Keeping this issue in mind Transparent Hands has set a sacred mission before them, which aims to reach out to the millions of needy patients all over Pakistan who are suffering because of lack of proper treatment.

After funding 277 successful surgeries, now this organization intends to dedicate its service to all those people who are deprived of basic healthcare by organizing medical camps all around the country.

Recently, Transparent Hands has organized a free medical camp on 26th April 2018 in Reem Rice Mills, Narowal where 201 patients including workers from Reem Rice Mills, were checked free of cost and they were also given free medicines as prescribed by doctors. All the patients were suffering from minor diseases including chest infection, urine infection, skin allergy, kidney pain, joints pain, blood pressure, and diabetes, and eye infection. Free blood pressure and sugar check up facility were also given to the patients. 

-> Importance of Regular Health Check-Ups

Importance of Regular Health Check Ups

TransparentHands treated More than 9000 patients

On 21st April 2018 at Khana Labana Transparent Hands had organized another medical camp with the collaboration of Hope Uplift Foundation, where 433 patients were checked free of cost and they were also given free medicines as prescribed by doctors. Out of those patients, around 80 people were given free blood sugar test facility. A few surgical cases were also identified and they were further pre-registered with Transparent Hands for free of cost surgical treatment.

On 14th April 2018 at Dheedwal Village medical camp was organized by Transparent Hands with the collaboration of ‘Qazi Foundation Pakistan’ where 342 poor patients were provided free medical checkup facility.

Till now Transparent Hands have organized 24 medical camps successfully in collaboration with 12 medical partners and 38 organizations treating over 9000 patients altogether. The medical camps were conducted by an efficient team that included doctors, pharmacists/dispensers, Phlebotomist, helpers, supervisors, patient registration persons, volunteers from collaborated foundations, and photographers.

Medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals are in abundance in the country, unfortunately, not all can afford the expenses. When Medical care is necessary, the cost of healthcare services, diagnostic tests, fees of the doctors, and cost of medicines become a prohibitive barrier for many poor patients. These adversaries require a call for action with the support of NGOs, medical trusts, nonprofits, and other voluntary organizations. Transparent Hands understands this.

Besides dealing in a number of surgeries including orthopedic, cardiac, neurology, gynecology, and other general surgeries, Transparent Hands also aims to expand to other areas of Pakistan through mobile medical camps where the poverty-stricken community has no means of getting better healthcare facilities.

A large number of patients, who came to these medical camps in the hope of relief, were given free and best health care treatment. The mission of the camps was implemented by giving medical relief to children, men and women, the elderly, and the old people with the help of fundraising. In these camps, all the patients are treated with proper care and love. They were not discriminated against at any stage of their treatment. Transparent Hands is serving humanity by funding surgeries of poor patients and providing basic healthcare services through medical camps.

As human beings, we cannot overlook the sufferings and agony of unprivileged people. Even the poorest among us deserve access to basic fundamental needs which we cannot deny. Denying their basic needs means denying their human rights. If we fail to respect human lives there will be a day when we will see humans existing on this earth but no humanity.

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