UK charities to donate

UK charities to donate

UK charities to donate to in 2022

As the governments battle COVID-19 worldwide, the onus of taking care of each other has befallen us once more. Humankind faces a disaster, as it never did before. The coronavirus pandemic taught us that governments alone are nothing. They require their people’s support and aid to thrive. Empathy is the most critical factor in this whole discussion. It describes humanity, the capability to feel for others. And when we feel for others, we donate! So, if you have lately caught the giving bug, you need to know places to put your donations to the best use. So, in today’s brief, we discuss some of the most reputable UK charities!

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is the most significant technological platform for crowdfunding in the healthcare sector of Pakistan. It offers a complete range of accessible healthcare services, including medical and surgical procedures, medical camps, and telehealth facilities, to the impoverished citizenry of Pakistan. The platform provides discernibility to needy patients and builds a unique and committed bond between patients and donors while guaranteeing total transparency. It also sets up free medical camps in the rural areas of Pakistan in which free medical consultation, free medicines, and free diagnostic tests are provided to meritorious patients.

Donors from all over the world can use the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal and donate through 100% safe payment modes. They could select any patient, fund the treatment, and receive constant feedback and updates until the patient has healed perfectly.

UK Islamic Charities in 2023

Macmillan Cancer Support

Cancer can upset you both physically and financially. As it grows, the cost to stop tumors jumps at a phenomenal rate. Contemporary treatments are not something that everyone can manage. The upcoming novel strategies might be efficient, but they are costly. Take CAR-T cell therapy as an example. One CAR-T therapy for acute myeloid leukemia values around $400000 currently.

Nevertheless, institutes like Macmillan Cancer Support give us hope. The organization works to render medical and financial assistance to people living with cancer. A precise knowledge of the condition is also disseminated among patients. Many people rely on donors like you to fight this evil malignancy, do support them!

St. John Ambulance

One of the key takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic is that it is challenging for governments to reach all the people in their country. However, private ambulance services will be able to come to your doorstep in a shorter time, as was shown in many cases. An unexpected rise in road accidents was seen with the automobile revolution. It compelled a service, which could reach the injured quickly. That way, many lives could be saved as experienced medical staff handled many accidents on the spot. The St. John Ambulance foundation operates with this belief in the heart. Aides working at St. John need every ounce of aid they can get. It is one of the prime UK charities; it merits a contribution from your purse!  

British Heart Foundation

Numerous research institutes worldwide concern themselves with research on various cardiac problems. The British Heart Foundation is one such research institute explaining some of the most complex heart irregularities. Not only that, but the institution has expanded its area of research to other conditions like diabetes and dementia. If your contribution helps discover a scientific phenomenon that saves millions of lives, well, nothing is more satisfying than that!

Top Charity Donation Websites in the UK

Cancer Research UK

Yet another cancer institute gets a place in our list of top charities in the UK. Cancer is a big health problem in the UK, just like in the rest of the world. Hence, more monetary aid are needed than ever to find a novel cure for this life-threatening illness. Cancer Research UK pledges to find treatments for various types of cancer. Their results have shown progress, and we do not have any reason to question their reliability. Hence, Cancer Research UK finds a position in our prime UK charities list.


JustGiving is a globally operational platform. So if you were searching for a platform that uses your donation to find new means of helping the already aching humanity, JustGiving might be the platform you are looking for. The most commendable thing about this online charity platform is the privacy with which they work. Your details are safe in the charity’s account books. If we are, to be honest, we do feel biased towards R&D-based online donation platforms. Hence, JustGiving has our nod of approval. No surprises there, right?


For those who work or act in art-related disciplines, Kickstarter is just the platform. You will be tested hard to find a more reliable online donation platform than Kickstarter if you are all for supporting creators through your money. Many artistic ideas assumed the practical form, courtesy of Kickstarter only. Of course, there are profits included. Kickstarter is all about adding more colors to life! 


We believe that an online charity platform, which raises all sorts of charities, must be made a part of this piece. But, unfortunately, several trustworthy foundations cannot raise money online because they do not have an online platform.

GoFundMe is one such platform that raises donations for all sorts of charities, as long as they are listed. No deductions are made on the capital you are soliciting or raising; 100 percent of your donation goes into the entitled hands. The platform provides GoFundMe online donation-collecting services in the UK as well.

Conclusion – UK charities to donate to in 2023

When it comes to charity, the intentions matter the most. The amount rarely matters. Sometimes, we think only diamonds are worth donating when in reality, even dimes can make a difference! However, you must be aware of the ultimate destination of your charity money. Hence, it is most advisable to give donations to a charity that is well trusted among the masses. Apart from that, the cause it serves is also of importance. Most UK charities are trusted worldwide, but there are frauds in every society. Therefore, it is these organizations, which you need to be cautious of!

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