Understanding the Purpose of Ramadan

Understanding the Purpose of Ramadan

Understanding the Purpose of Ramadan


Fortunately, the holy month of Ramadan is going to grace our lives pretty soon. It is indeed a month of blessings, every Muslim who fasts gets graced with these benefits of spiritual and physical nature and understanding the purpose of Ramadan. But unfortunately, many of us have forgotten about the true purpose of Ramadan. Staying hungry all day, without any spiritual meaning attached to it, simply doesn’t make any sense. In today’s discussion, we try recalling and understanding the purpose of Ramadan. Let us see if we can simplify the matters via this discussion!

A link between Ramadan and the Quran

Before we start discussing the spiritual side of things, let us signify the connection between Ramadan and the holy book of the Quran. Yes, one purpose of Ramadan is to commemorate the revealing of the Quran. Muslims seek guidance from this holy book and live their lives per its injunctions.

The spiritual purpose of Ramadan

Ramadan is deemed as a month of spiritual growth. The purpose of Ramadan is to inculcate empathy that left our hearts some time ago. On one hand, it serves as a reminder of the pains of underprivileged. On the other hand, it allows one to reflect and repent, something we will discuss later in this discussion. But already, one can decode the message and the very basic purpose of Ramadan. Surrender before the almighty! By not appeasing our heart’s every silly little craving, we surrender ourselves, both physically as well as spiritually.

Is Ramadan all about staying hungry?

Hardly that, it is not. Ramadan’s purpose is to provide a Muslim with an opportunity to reflect on his previous life. The sins, errors, intentional or unintentional mistakes, all are put under this microscope. Once these blemishes from the past are identified, the next step is rectification. We are not going into detail in this article. But there are always ways to make up for past transgressions. One must seek the Almighty’s forgiveness by repenting for any shortcomings. Complement this repentance by abstaining from any worldly desires and distractions. Only then, the purpose of Ramadan is achieved and fulfilled.

Fulfillment of purpose of Ramadan via congregational prayers

Muslims offer prayer five times a day. But in Ramadan, there is an additional prayer, known as Taraweeh. Recital of all the chapters of the Holy Quran is conducted in this prayer, spanned and scheduled over the thirty days. One purpose of Ramadan is to revisit the teachings of this holy book. And could there be any better way than listening to what it says under a blue sky, every night? This activity also builds concentration as well as focus, as one has to keep standing for a considerable period in such prayers!

What do to when you feel tired while fasting?

It is natural to feel exhausted after working all day while fasting. But do not let that get you completely. The purpose of Ramadan is to magically transform ourselves into role model individuals. Not the kind of people who become frustrated and annoyed by every little thing, just because they are tired. One way of managing this fatigue is to schedule naps and allocate times for religious obligations so that the two don’t clash. It is important to remember that at the end of the day, there is a reward for your efforts.

Staying positive is important

Understanding the purpose of Ramadan is important. Some Muslims overdo stuff. Yes, going all religious is very commendable. But if that makes you a dry person, then it is simply not worth it. You may spend all day on the prayer mat but spending time with family is still pretty important. Social distancing and piousness are incorrectly linked. Try to keep a smiling face and being kind to others. If you behave otherwise, that will just simply exterminate the purpose of Ramadan and fasting.


Well, that is a wrap. The limitations of time and space force us to conclude this debate here. But hopefully, by reading this article, you were able to recall the true purpose of Ramadan. When you wake up for the first pre-dawn meal this year, recall these points in your heart. We are sure that fasting this year is going to be on an altogether new spiritual level!

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