What is Tonsillectomy Surgery | Complications and Recovery

What is Tonsillectomy Surgery | Complications and Recovery

What is tonsillectomy surgery?

What is Tonsillectomy Surgery?

Tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of tonsils. We are sure that you cracked the meaning of the term without much effort. But what happens in a tonsillectomy procedure? What indications necessitate tonsillectomy surgery? Are there any possible side effects or complications? These and many other questions boggle the mind of laymen. We realize the need for a comprehensive discussion on the subject matter that doesn’t just focus on the surgical procedure but on the associated costs as well. Hence, in today’s discussion, we try to cover tonsillectomy surgery from different aspects. All we want in return is a promise that you will stick with us till the very end and that you won’t let your attention wander!

Tonsillectomy Indications

Let us kickstart this discussion by looking at the reasons which necessitate tonsillectomy surgery in the first place. For a long period, this surgical procedure was considered to be the best solution for several problems related to the tonsils. Not that it is not recommended anymore, but better solutions have popped up for sure. The noticeable problems include infections and inflammation of the tonsils which are more commonly known as tonsillitis. But these days, tonsillectomy is advised for breathing problems, for example, sleep apnea. Tonsillectomy is prescribed for enlarged tonsils as well.  

Tonsillectomy Surgery: An Overview

Now, let us have a closer look at the tonsillectomy procedure. But before that, please note that avoiding medications like aspirin is mandatory. Now as for the surgical procedure, well it is an outpatient surgical procedure, which means that the patient undergoing the surgery can go home on the day of surgery. Does the patient feel any pain during the surgery? No, since the patient is put under anesthesia. But one must be aware of the rather unpleasant details of the surgery. Well, tonsils are removed/cut using a scalpel. High energy waves are used to stop the bleeding after tonsillectomy, courtesy scalpel.

Tonsillectomy in Adults

While the procedure is not a very painful one as far as the children are concerned, the case is slightly different for adults. Tonsillectomy in adults can be a painful business. And the reason is simple. There are more scar tissues in adults than in children. Hence, the removal of tonsils is a tougher job in adults as compared to children. As a consequence, adults are likely to experience more pain than children. It also follows logically that an adult is likely to experience more recovery pain, something that we talk about in the next section of this discussion.

Difference Between Tonsillitis and Throat Infection

Tonsillectomy Recovery

Recovery time from tonsillectomy can be different for different patients. A lot of factors decide the ultimate recovery time. The most important one of which is, of course, age. For children, the recovery time can is around 7-10 days. This is a statement based on purely general observation, and by no means needs to be taken as the absolute, exact recovery time. As far as the adult recovery time goes, well, that can be anywhere between 2-3 weeks. The ultimate tonsillectomy recovery time in the case of an adult is decided by numerous factors, such as age or the amount of scarring tissue around the tonsils.

Tonsillectomy complications

No surgical procedure comes without risks or complications, and tonsillectomy is no exemption to this rule. What are the risks in the case of tonsillectomy? Well, if you have never undergone surgery before, then this might be news to you that anesthetics can lead to a reaction in your body. Hence, it is a good idea to check with an expert in anesthesia about these issues. Then, during the surgery, minor or major swelling of the tongue can cause breathing problems as well. In a rare event, tonsillectomy can lead to infections as well as non-stop bleeding. But as we said, the chances of such an event are quite low.

Tonsillectomy Cost

Removing tonsils is not only a tricky business, but it is also quite costly. The surgical procedure can cost as much as 50,000 PKR, and even more in some instances. A lot of factors decide the ultimate bill one has to pay. Quality of the surgeon, the institute, the ward charges, and post-recovery expenditures. All of these can contribute to a very hefty bill. One can safely say that in a country like Pakistan, where surgical procedures tend to be expensive anyway, tonsillectomy falls under the category of pricey treatments! An idea that is too costly for some members of the underprivileged section of society. 

Fund a Tonsillectomy at Transparent Hands

Speaking of ideas, we had one for you! If you are planning on donating to some cause this year, why don’t you fund or contribute to someone’s tonsillectomy at Transparent Hands? In case you don’t know much about this organization, let us familiarize you with the doings of this prestigious NGO.

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If you are planning to undergo the surgical procedure of tonsillectomy soon, one thing that you must keep in mind is that the first few days after the surgery are bound to suck. You will feel pain! But as they say, time heals pretty much everything, and tonsillectomy is certainly no exemption!

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