Donate for Medical Bills, Surgery Costs & Treatment in Pakistan

Donate for Medical Bills, Surgery Costs & Treatment in Pakistan

Donate for Medical Bills, Surgery Costs & Treatment in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the countries that are facing a huge sum of natural disasters, every now and then. At the same time, it is a country where most volunteer activities are carried out in an impressive manner. For this reason, we can say that there are huge sums of the individual as well as collective efforts that are performed by the private and government authorities to deal with disasters and help people in their bad times.

If you are willing to help any person in any way, you can find hundreds of relief resources and links working in Pakistan. These relief resources and donation organizations are hundreds of in number and are working with the support of other organizations or individual donors to help people in different aspects of their life. These links and information can be helpful for you if you or anyone nearby are looking to help any other person with a problem.

Financing the Healthcare:


There are millions of people in Pakistan who do not have any kind of health coverage and the situation push them in debt and poor health conditions and in an inevitable medical poverty trap. Surveys have also shown that two third of households were affected by more than one health problem. These listed beings went into debt to deal with their medical treatments. On the other hand, many were not able to deal with it and found no way out to deal with their illness the major number in this manner is women you can also play your role in helping others if you donate to the treatment of these needy people. Surgeries are one of the most difficult steps to deal with, in any kind of illness. For this reason, mostly we can see people donate for surgery costs, in different parts of the world to let people get rid of the disease and live a better life.

The solution to the Problem:

The increasing number of affected people and the decreasing opportunities for treatment had led to the need to fill the vacuum and provide them with sufficient amounts to healthcare facilities. To deal with the matter there are various organizations like Transparent Hands that is working to provide these needy with specific medical services. On the other hand, the Pakistan Foundation is also working on health reforms and the health finance of the needy and the poor in Pakistan.

There are a number of customized programs that deal with the custom-made technological platform to transfer funds for the treatment of the poor. These systems are transparent and make a direct connection between the needy and the donor in terms of providing help and health services.

The Process:

You can connect with the organization via email or telephone number at the time when a person is admitted and the case is presented on the website for the financial needs to get treated at prestigious hospitals. Once you are done with the assessment of the individual and the need you can send money through different mediums including:


Once the amount is delivered to the bridge organizations, Transparent Hands, the professional authorities look after the entire process of treatment or surgery and keep you updated with the happenings as well. The process is transparent and helps you keep clear records of every single penny you have donated to the organization for the treatment of any particular case. You can also calculate your zakat from here: zakat calculator online

How Can You Help?

Transparent hands are a case where the person gets treated for their illness and any kind of medical disability. If you are not able to donate in cash, there are many other ways you can help others deal with their life matters, by donating simple household stuff, however ethically important is to not to donate useless, turned-out or expired stuff.

  • You can donate clothing of any size or type. This might include usable shoes, bedding and other such materials that are used in daily life
  • You can donate extra utensils that might include hygienic plastic jars or bottles to keep water and food safety in the buckets and crockery.
  • In case of any disaster, you can donate toiletries as well including soaps, tissues, towels, and antibacterial materials.
  • Another important thing in case of disaster of in normal life donations is food. Food is something always needed by anyone, so you can donate sugar, rice, flour, potatoes, onions, cooking oils, milk or tea, etc. you can also donate healthy cooked food that is not expired.

Apart from these daily used goods, there are a number of medicines that you can donate to the needy, as a part of the charity. These medicines can include:

  • Lifesaving drugs
  • Water purification medicines
  • Vaccines for cholera, malaria, influenza and typhoid etc.
  • Some basic painkillers like tramadol, kinz, pethidine and morphine derivatives
  • Antibiotics for Amoxil, gentamycin and tetanus
  • IV drips
  • Injections and anesthetics
  • Cotton and bandages
  • Surgical instruments
  • Skin staples and suturing materials etc.


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