Donate for Fatima Bibi’s Ureteroscopy & Lithoclasty

Donate for Fatima Bibi’s Ureteroscopy & Lithoclasty

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Fatima Bibi's Story

Fatima Bibi, a 12-year-old kid from the Jhang district of the country, is in a lot of pain because of stones in her left ureter and left kidney. Fatima needs your help since the treatment she has been advised for her Lt. ureteric stones is well out of her family’s reach. But before we explain the financial plight which Fatima’s family is facing right now, let us brief you a bit about the treatment that Fatima has been advised i.e. ureteroscopy. 

A ureteroscopy is a procedure in which a small medical instrument called a ureteroscope is passed into the urinary tract via the urethral route. This is done to determine the location of a ureteric stone. If the located stone is too big to be removed conventionally, then it is fragmented into smaller pieces using a mechanical instrument called lithoclast. In Fatima Bibi’s case, she has also been advised a J-J stent, commonly dubbed as DJ stenting, which is a thin & flexible plastic tube placed with the intent of avoiding kidney damage. It is placed in such a manner that the upper end of the tube is in the kidney, while the lower end is in the urinary bladder. And while there is no doubt that this surgical intervention will put an end to Fatima’s pain forever, the fact that it will cost a sum that her family doesn’t have right now cannot be ignored either. Her father says:

“If it were not for the agricultural land that I have, sustaining and managing life would have been a lot more difficult than it is right now. Fatima is the closest thing to my heart, but my affection for her won’t make her pain go away. No, it is a surgery of some sort that the doctors keep telling me about. And even though it sounds defeatist to admit it, affording her treatment at 10,000 PKR that I earn monthly is simply not possible.”

Fatima’s family barely managed her pyelolithotomy, almost nine months ago. To expect them to raise enough funds for her ureteroscopy is nothing but wishful thinking. No, it is us and you who have to do something for Fatima. We are the ones who can help her! And the best way of helping Fatima is to DONATE for her ureteroscopy and DJ stenting NOW!  

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Fatima Bibi's Story

Fatima Bibi, had been suffering from pain in left lumbar region for the past few months. Upon medical evaluation she was diagnosed with left ureteric stones. The urologist advised her to undergo a surgical procedure. On 21.02.2021 she was admitted to Abid hospital for surgery where Dr. Asif Hameed performed a surgical procedure involving left URS, Lithoclasty and DJ stenting placement. She was kept under observation and after two days she was discharged from the hospital in a satisfactory condition. She is looking forward to a pain free and healthy life.

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