Donate for Mawa’s Hernia Repair

Donate for Mawa’s Hernia Repair

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Mawa Noor's Story

Before you dive into the gory details of Mawa Noor’s ailment, please know that you can help her. Your donations, however small they may be, will relieve her pain for good. Therefore, we request that you donate for Mawa’s hernia repair as much as you can. 

Four years old Mawa Noor has been suffering from Umbilical Hernia. An umbilical hernia is an abnormal bulge that can be seen or felt at the umbilicus (belly button). This hernia develops when a portion of the lining of the abdomen, part of the intestine, and/or fluid from the abdomen, comes through the muscle of the abdominal wall.

To treat this condition, the doctor has advised Mawa Noor to undergo a surgical procedure named Hernia Repair. Hernia Repair is a procedure in which hernial sac is removed and abdominal wall’s defect is repaired.

While there is no doubt about the effectiveness of this surgical procedure, the fact that it is an expensive procedure cannot be denied as well. Unfortunately, Mawa’s parents cannot afford the hefty cost of a Hernia Repair surgery. Mawa’s father is the sole earner of the family. He works as a driver and hardly manages to earn PKR 12,000 per month. In this measly income, he is in no position to arrange for his daughter’s surgery. He told us:

“Every day, I see my daughter writhing in pain. I feel so helpless, being unable to do anything about it. Whoever is reading this, I request you to please donate for my daughter’s surgery.”

After a lot of distress, Mawa Noor’s parents have requested Transparent Hands for help. We are determined to help her as soon as possible. Therefore, we sincerely request you to please donate for Mawa’s Hernia Repair as much as you can. Donate now.

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.

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Mawa Noor's Story

Four years old Mawa Noor, living in Abbottabad, had been suffering from swelling in her umbilical region. Upon consultation, she was diagnosed with Umbilical Hernia. The doctors advised for a Hernioplasty. But due to minimal financial resources, her family could not afford the procedure. They contacted Transparent Hands and Mawa Noor’s case was registered. Hence, she was sent to Musharaf Medical Complex for her Hernioplasty. Her procedure was performed by Dr. Mirza Atif Yaqoob on 09-08-2021. She was discharged after two days of hospital stay. Because of your donations, Mawa Noor is now cured.

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