Donate for Muhammad Akram’s Hernia Mesh Repair

Donate for Muhammad Akram’s Hernia Mesh Repair

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Muhammad Akram's Story

Muhammad Akram, aged 37, hails from Multan and suffers from the painful condition of inguinal hernia (right side). For those of you who have always considered hernia a minor complication, you should know that it is an extremely painful condition which can make the patient’s life quite discontented. In simpler words, a hernia refers to the protrusion of an organ or tissue through the weak cavity wall. But while the condition does sound too crude to be imagined without clenching teeth, there does exist a treatment for a hernia that can fix it and minimize the chances of its recurrence. A hernia mesh repair! And it is the same treatment that Muhammad Akram has been advised as well.

Mesh repair is probably the safest way of treating a hernia. Surgical meshes are made of biological material and are placed in a manner such that they support the damaged tissue. While there is no doubt about the effectiveness of this surgical procedure, the fact that it is an expensive procedure cannot be denied either. And this fact is what is keeping Muhammad Akram from undergoing this surgery as well, even though it has been three months since the diagnosis.  

“All I earn in a month is 15,000 and we are a family of seven. I am sure you can do the math required to understand the financial crisis we are going through as a family. I am the sole breadwinner in the house and forget about the idea anyway, all of my kids are too young to earn for their suffering father”

Admittedly, things are not looking too bright at the moment for Muhammad Akram. But you can change the situation by helping the man. All that you have got to do is donate for Muhammad Akram’s hernia mesh repair. Any little help will put an end to Akram’s misery, and the SOONER you donate, the BETTER!  

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