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Donate for Rasheed’s ACL Repair

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Rasheed Ahmad's Story

Currently, thirty-five years old Rasheed Ahmad is unable to stand or walk properly. Only your help can get him back up on his feet. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Rasheed’s ACL repair. 

Fifteen years ago, while playing football with his peers, Rasheed Ahmad suffered from an injury. He immediately went to the doctor. After a thorough checkup and an MRI, the doctor diagnosed Rasheed Ahmad with an ACL injury. An ACL injury is a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament. The Anterior cruciate ligament is one of the major ligaments that support the knee. The doctor advised surgery, but due to financial constraints, Rasheed Ahmad could not get it. Later, Rasheed Ahmad proceeded to treat his condition with medication and herbal treatments. Now, surgery has become crucial for him as Rasheed is not able to perform his daily activities anymore. 

Rasheed Ahmad works as a cleric in the local mosque. Despite his long working hours and utmost dedication to his work, he hardly earns PKR 10,000 per month. Therefore, he is unable to bear the expenses of his ACL repair surgery.

“I was twenty at the time of this God-forsaken injury. I was a silly kid who just wanted to play football all the time. Last month I turned thirty-five. If you come to think of it, I have spent almost an entire lifetime in pain. Every day it is a struggle to get out of bed. I cannot do it anymore.” -Rasheed Ahmad 

Finally, Rasheed Ahmad reached out to Transparent Hands to request urgent assistance. His gut-wrenching story touched our hearts, and we want to get him back on his feet in no time. But we need your kind financial help for that. Please reach out and donate to Rasheed’s ACL repair and help him get rid of this pain.

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