Donate for Safi ur Rehman’s Cochlear Implant and help him enter the world of sound

Donate for Safi ur Rehman’s Cochlear Implant and help him enter the world of sound

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Safi Ur Rehman's Story

Safi ur Rehman from Kasur, aged 11, suffers from congenital bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Which means he is unable to hear from both ears and therefore fails to respond to voice and sound since birth. Sensorineural hearing loss, or SNHL, is categorized by inner ear damage. Inner ear comprises a spiraling organ called cochlea that contains tiny hair called stereocilia. These hair convert vibrations from sound waves into neural signals that are carried to the brain via the auditory nerve. It is sadly the most common type of permanent hearing loss. Although medicine or surgery cannot fix SNHL, cochlear implants can bring hearing in people to a great degree. People with cochlear implants report improved communication and quality of life as they no longer require visual cues and can detect the direction of sounds. This progress enables them to familiarize themselves with everyday environment sounds. Safi ur Rehman’s mother hopes of introducing her son to the world of sound.

“Cochlear implants are a key that guarantee my child’s entrance into the world of sound. It breaks my heart to realise that for the past eleven years of his life, Safi, unlike other children, remains unfamiliar to the magic evoked from the world of sound. He has curtains over his ears that never let any voice pass through. Not even my voice. Due to his inability to pick up sound he remains silent too. I dread at the thought of not getting to hear his voice ever. But I have vowed to never give up. A check-up at a local public hospital revealed my child’s ailment. The doctor installed a hearing aid that hung around his ears to no advantage. Presently another doctor has stressed the need of cochlear implants. With an income of PKR.15000, I pay rent of the house we live in and provide for my two children. When it comes to finances I am largely dependent on my parents.”

Luckily, now that Safi ur Rehman and his family have been connected with Transparent Hands, you can make this procedure possible. Generously, donate for Safi ur Rehman’s cochlear implant in order for him to enter the world of sound.

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