Donate for Sana’s Cesarean Section

Donate for Sana’s Cesarean Section

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Sana Shakeel 's Story

Sana is in need of a Lower Segment Caesarean Section to safely deliver her baby. She and her child’s lives can be greatly impacted by your support. With your generous donation, we can bring hope to her life. Please donate for Sana’s Caesarean Section to ease her worries and ensure successful delivery.

Sana Shakeel, a 33-year-old, resident of Lahore, is the mother of one child. She is expecting her second baby. She has already delivered one baby via C-section. She went to the local hospital for a checkup in her seventh month of pregnancy. Considering her previous medical records and current situation, the gynecologist has advised her to undergo another Lower Segment Cesarean section to deliver her baby. – a surgical incision (cut) is made in the lower segment of the uterus to deliver a baby. Sana and her baby would remain at risk without the C-Section.

She resides in a small home with her husband and four members of her family. Her husband earns only PKR 20,000 per month, which barely covers their household expenses. Unfortunately, they cannot afford the necessary surgery, endangering both the mother’s and the baby’s health. Her health is suffering as a result of her inability to afford a proper diet and medicine. She shared her distressing situation, emphasizing the dire need for financial assistance, with a heavy heart. 

“Please assist me in delivering my child safely. Your help means the world to my family and I.

She is put her trust in Transparent Hands, and we have promised her that we will get her the care she needs. She and her baby’s survival depend on your support, and she has no other means of getting the help she needs. Donate for Sana’s Cesarean Section and make a world of difference to her; she will be eternally grateful for your generosity.

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Sana Shakeel 's Story

Sana Shakeel, a 33-year-old resident of Lahore, eagerly awaited the arrival of her second child. However, her excitement was tinged with worry. Having delivered her first baby through a C-section, she knew the challenges that lay ahead. As her seventh month of pregnancy rolled in, she found herself in the hospital, seeking advice from her gynecologist. The doctor, considering her medical history and current situation, recommended another C-section for the safe delivery of her baby. Sana's heart sank, not only due to the daunting prospect of another surgery but also because of the financial strain it would impose on her growing family. In her distress, Sana reached out to Transparent Hands, putting her faith in their promise to provide the necessary care. With a heavy burden on her shoulders, she was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital, where Dr. Rakhshanda skillfully performed the C-section on 07-07-2023, bringing a precious new life into the world. The joy of holding her healthy baby in her arms was immeasurable, but Sana's gratitude extended far beyond that moment. Sana's heart overflowed with gratitude towards the compassionate donors who selflessly supported her during this challenging time. Their generosity not only relieved her of the financial burden but also gave her access to the quality healthcare she needed. Their kindness transformed what could have been a period of worry and uncertainty into one filled with hope and happiness. Sana found solace in the precious moments spent bonding with her baby, cherishing each milestone and treasuring the love that enveloped their growing family.

With tears of joy, Sana extends her heartfelt thanks to the donors who played an instrumental role in her journey to motherhood. Their selflessness made a profound impact on her life, offering her a sense of security and support that she will forever hold dear.

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