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Donate for Zahida Bibi`s C Section

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Zahida Bibi's Story

Becoming a mother is perhaps one of the most beautiful things a woman can dream of. To feel a life growing inside and bringing it into the world is truly fascinating. Motherhood is as lovely as one could imagine but it is not easy. The pain that a mother suffers to bring her child into this world could not be described, and it multiplies especially if the delivery is not normal. Yet a mother never fears to re-experience this pain more than once. Zahida Bibi, a mother of three children belonging to Khanewal, is expecting her fourth child. Her previous three deliveries were through C-section and doctors have advised her LSC Section for her fourth delivery.

LSC section is a surgical procedure through which a baby is delivered by making a horizontal incision in the lower abdomen. This surgical method is commonly used for mothers who have already gone through C-section deliveries as it involves less blood loss and efficient healing. The surgery is quite expensive and Zahida Bibi is not financially stable enough to afford it. She has an elder son who is 12 years old and two younger daughters of 6 and 3 years. This family has a monthly income of Rs.10, 000 which is only fulfilling their basic needs. She has tried hard to get financial assistance from hospitals, but she got no response. Zahida says:

“I had serious complications during my first pregnancy and doctors had no choice but to perform C-section. At that time, I had some savings, so the expense was taken care of. However, my next two deliveries were also through C-section and we had no money, but my relatives managed somehow and supported me. This time I do not have any money, nor can my relatives support me. After getting no response from almost everywhere, Transparent Hands ensured me of their help.”

Zahida`s family is struggling even for the basic survival needs. If she does not get financial support, her life, as well as the life of her unborn child, is in danger. So, DONATE now and save two human lives before it gets too late!

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