Donate to Ali Sajid for His Gastric Surgery

Donate to Ali Sajid for His Gastric Surgery

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Muhammad Ali Sajid's Story

We live such privileged lives that we have no idea how much people suffer. We wish and in a blink, our wishes are fulfilled. For Muhammad Ali Sajid, the case was different. His four-month-old baby daughter needed formula milk because she was hungry but Ali could not even afford this simple item. The inability to fulfill this little demand for his baby horrifically affected him. Consumed with desperation and anger, which he felt at the injustice of life, Ali poured down the contents of a chemical bleach formula down his throat. Miraculously, Ali survived. The bad news is that his problems have only doubled in magnitude. Now, Ali cannot eat anything, because if he does, he starts vomiting. He suffers from a gastric outlet obstruction, a condition that can only be resolved by a surgical procedure known as gastro-jejunostomy.

“My parents took me to a government hospital, and the doctor there prescribed endoscopies. Now that I know I have to get surgery for things to be alright, my life is not the same anymore. If it was not for the folks at the Transparent Hands, I would have found it hard to find a reason to continue living. But I am hopeful that someone will join hands with them and pull me out of my misery” 

Ali works at a car repair shop. All he earns in a month is a meager sum of 17000 PKR. The 18 members of a joint family, living in a rented house, all look up to Ali for their sustenance.

But for now, Ali looks up to you. He needs this surgery as soon as possible to recover.

Join hands with Transparent Hands to make sure Ali’s hopes do not dim out. Please donate as much as possible for his surgery.

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Muhammad Ali Sajid's Story

Muhammad Ali Sajid, 34 years old, presented with persistant vomiting. He was suffering from gastric outlet obstruction after corrosive intake. He was worked up and advised a gastrojejunostomy. His surgery was done on 13-06-20, at Lahore Care Hospital, by Dr. Ahmad Fawad. He remained admitted for 5 days and was discharged in a stable condition.


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