Donate to Azhar Meena for Her Angiography

Donate to Azhar Meena for Her Angiography

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Azhar Meena's Story

“She has had recurrent episodes of chest pain for some time now. It is so scary every time she goes through that. Twice, we rushed her to the emergency room because we thought she might be getting a heart attack. We do not want to live in constant fear that our mother might die. We want to get her thoroughly checked up, but poor people like us do not have that luxury.”- Azhar’s elder son

Around 2 years ago, Azhar Bibi experienced chest pains. The doctor gave her medicines which provided her relief for a few months. Soon after, she felt severe chest pain again, so her doctor referred her to a specialist. Upon consultation, the specialist has advised her to undergo angiography as soon as possible in order to investigate her heart condition. If not looked into as early as possible, her condition could prove life-threatening.

Azhar’s family cannot afford her angiography procedure. Her husband, a laborer, earns 10,000 PKR a month. She and her husband have three daughters, all of whom are married and live separately with their families. They also have three sons, one of whom is married and is working as an ice-cream salesman. He earns 15,000 PKR a month. Her two younger sons do not earn yet and go to school. The collective amount earned by the two breadwinners of the family covers the monthly expenses with difficulty. There are no other resources to their name. Even the small house that they live in has been lent to them by their landlord.

Due to financial constraints, Azhar’s family has not been able to arrange her angiography yet.

They have approached Transparent Hands for help and hope that through your donations, Azhar can finally get this necessary procedure.

Please donate generously.

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Azhar Meena's Story

Azhar Meena, 53 years old, was experiencing frequent episodes of chest pain. She was diagnosed as a case of ischemic heart disease and was advised angiography. Her procedure was done at National Defence Hospital, on 22-02-20, by Dr Tayab Mohyuddin. She was found to have a normal pattern of coronary vessels. Her angiography was normal and she was discharged after 1 day of hospital stay with advice on medications.


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