Donate to Dara Lal for His TURP Surgery

Donate to Dara Lal for His TURP Surgery

Dara Lal
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Dara Lal's Story

“As a family, we are all honest hardworking people, but we don’t have much to show for it at the end of the day. My husband has worked hard all his life to take care of us and has sacrificed his own needs to meet ours, even while he was getting sick.” – Dara Lal’s wife

For the past three years, 56-year-old Dara Lal has experienced burning micturition, intermittent retention of urine as well as lower abdominal pain. The cause of his symptoms has been determined to be an enlarged prostate. TURP surgery (transurethral resection of the prostate) and a urethrocystoscopy have been recommended to him but Dara Lal cannot afford these and has asked Transparent Hands for help with them.

Dara Lal is too ill to work himself and instead has let his land out to a landlord for a monthly payment of 8000 PKR. His wife earns 4000 PKR/month by working in a cotton field and his eldest son earns around 2000 PKR monthly working part-time at a mechanic’s shop. The total earnings of Dara Lal and his family come up to about 14,000 PKR each month in which they accommodate the expenses of 7 people. 

To assist Dara Lal with his medical costs, we need your support. Please help us cover the expenses of his surgery by donating to him today.

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Dara Lal's Story

Dara, 56 years old, was suffering symptoms of urinary tract obstruction since the last three years and was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. After consultation with a urologist he was advised to get a TURP surgery – a procedure used to treat urinary problems that are caused by an enlarged prostate. His surgery was conducted on 19-09-2020 by Dr. Asif Hameed at Abid Hospital. He remained admitted in the hospital for three days after his surgery and his urinary blockage was removed. He was discharged a in stable condition. Slowly, Dara is returning back to his normal way of life.


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