Donate to Maqsooda Naz for Her Hernioplasty

Donate to Maqsooda Naz for Her Hernioplasty

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Maqsooda Naz's Story

Maqsooda, age 38, started feeling pain in her umbilical area 4 years ago. She also started experiencing abdominal stretch and swelling in the area. She tolerated the pain initially as her husband didn’t have money to get her treated and relied instead on painkillers. The medicines, however, only offered temporary relief and did not take care of the underlying problem, which is a paraumbilical hernia. Gradually, her symptoms have worsened to the point that she cannot even get up to go about her normal day.

Maqsooda has been advised a hernioplasty for permanent relief. This is a surgical procedure with costs too high for her to afford. Her husband, a painter by profession, earns 12,000 PKR/month. This small amount is all Maqsoosa, her husband and their 4 small daughters have to get through the month.

“I tried to bear it for as long as I could, sometimes taking up to 10 tablets of painkillers a day. My stomach hurt not just from the hernia but from the excessive doses of painkillers as well. Then the doctor told me that if I kept this up, I could develop gastric ulcers too and might start vomiting blood. He told me it is about time I have the operation. It may be about time but getting things done on time takes money and I don’t have that luxury.” – Maqsooda talking to TH

To help Maqsooda find her long-awaited healing, please donate to her today. We can conduct her surgery only and only with your help.

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Maqsooda Naz's Story

Maqsooda Naz, 38 years old, was suffering from pain in the paraumbilical region. She was diagnosed with a paraumbilical hernia. Her mesh hernioplasty was done in Abid hospital, by Dr. Adnan Ahmad Raza, on 10-07-20. She was discharged in a good condition after 2 days of stay in the hospital.


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