Donate to Muhammad Abdullah for His Cochlear Implant

Donate to Muhammad Abdullah for His Cochlear Implant

Muhammad Abdullah
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Muhammad Abdullah's Story

Muhammad Abdullah, 3 years old, had hearing loss at birth. Gradually, in about three months following his birth, his parents noticed that he wouldn’t react to sounds. When they took him for a check-up, the doctor informed them that Abdullah’s only way to be able to hear is through a surgically placed cochlear implant.

“I asked the doctor if a hearing aid would work. We are not at all well-off so we can’t afford the surgery but we could have managed to scrape something together for an aid. But the doctor said that Abdullah has to have surgery for his hearing to work again, so I tried to get help from many places but it didn’t work.” – Abdullah’s father, Attiq-ur-Rehman

Attiq-ur-Rehman, struggled a lot to have him treated. He visited all the local hospitals and charitable organizations that he could find, but was either turned away or never heard back from them. On his own, it is impossible for him to pay the cost of this implant. Attiq-ur-Rehman lives with his wife and 3 children (including Abdullah) in a joint family of 18 members. The collective income of the earners in this joint family is 25,000 PKR/month, which is responsible for all the expenses.

Since his last failed efforts, Attiq-ur-Rehman has been waiting for someone to reach out to him for his son’s surgery.

When he learned of Transparent Hands, he decided to have Abdullah registered here. He now earnestly awaits your donations. To help this little boy out, please donate today.

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