Donate to Muhammad Haroon for His Lipoma Excision

Donate to Muhammad Haroon for His Lipoma Excision

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Muhammad Haroon's Story

68 years old Muhammad Haroon hails from a remote area of Battagram district. A few years ago, Muhammad Haroon developed a swelling on the back of his head. Initially, the swelling was noticeable but gradually the size increased. Upon thorough examination, the doctor diagnosed it as a Lipoma – benign tumor made of fat tissue.

The doctor has recommended him to undergo a surgical excision – a process in which the lipoma is surgically removed through incisions made in the skin overlying the lipoma.

Due to his withering age, Muhammad Haroon has been out of work for 8 years now. The household runs on her wife’s income who is a teacher at a nearby primary school and hardly earns PKR 14,000 per month. 3 of Muhammad Haroon’s children are dependent on him. In these pitiable circumstances, Muhammad Haroon cannot bear the financial stress of his excision treatment.

“This disease has made it so difficult for me to even rest my head on a pillow. It is so disconcerting to see a giant blob of fat hanging from the back of my head. I request you all to please help me get rid of this monstrosity.” -Muhammad Haroon 

With the help of his doctor, Muhammad Haroon has registered his case with Transparent Hands. We hope that with your kind donations we will be able to ease his suffering in his old age. Please donate to Muhammad Haroon for his lipoma excision. Donate as much as you can.

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Muhammad Haroon's Story

Muhammad Haroon, 68 years old, was diagnosed with a lump at the back of his head (lipoma) and was advised complete excision to get rid of this. He was admitted in Musharraf Medical Complex and the operation was performed by Dr. Muhammad Kashif Rafique on 10.11.2020. Haroon stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. 

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