Donate to Shamim Bibi for Her Mesh Repair Surgery 

Donate to Shamim Bibi for Her Mesh Repair Surgery 

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Shamim Bibi's Story

Shamim Bibi is 50 years old, hails from Multan, and is a proud mother of six children. Since Shamim’s husband is an old man, she and her sons have to work to manage the burden of expenses. However, despite toiling hard on all of their parts, the net monthly family income remains at a meagre 10,000 PKR. In families like these, bad news has a double depressing effect. The news of Shamim being diagnosed with hernia elicited a similar effect, if not worse.

The simplest and the crudest definition of hernia tells us that it is the protrusion of an organ through the muscular wall that holds it. We are sure that sounded unpleasant, now imagine the life Shamim Bibi must be living with this terrible condition! If you are thinking that there is no treatment for a hernia, you are mistaken. There does exist a treatment that Shamim Bibi’s doctors have recommended as well. It is called mesh repair, a surgical procedure in which a tissue scaffold is  fixed which blocks the protrusion.

Mesh repair is effective, no doubt. But it is also an expensive surgical procedure. In Shamim’s case, the family just doesn’t have enough funds to put her on an OT table for the surgical repair of her hernia.

“There are nights when I foolishly calculate my expenses, compare them with the expected cost of a mesh repair, and then wipe away tears of helplessness that follow the unfair math. The world isn’t just fair. There ought to be some help coming my way too”

And help has come. Shamim’s case has been taken up by authorities at Transparent Hands. But a crowdfunding campaign without your help is incomplete. We need your help, Shamim needs your help. You know the patient, you know the story and more importantly, you trust the organization. We think these are enough reasons for you to donate NOW without any hesitancy!

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Shamim Bibi's Story

Shamim Bibi, 50 years old, was diagnosed with para-umbilical hernia (PUH). The doctors recommended a mesh repair surgery for her. She was admitted in the hospital and Dr. Shabbir Ahmad performed the surgery at Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital on 29.09.2020. The surgeon used a surgical mesh for strengthening the hernia repair to minimize its recurrence. Shamim stayed in the hospital for four days and was discharged in a stable condition. She feels stronger and healthier than before.


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