Donate to Ziyarat Shah for His Coronary Angiography and PCI

Donate to Ziyarat Shah for His Coronary Angiography and PCI

Ziyarat Shah
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Ziyarat Shah's Story

61-year-old Ziyarat Shah had been experiencing shortness of breath, extreme fatigue and chest pain for four years. On a visit to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed his condition as ischemic heart disease (IHD). This disease is characterized by reduction of blood flow to the heart vessels. The reason is plaque build-up clogging up the arteries of the heart. The cardiologist, who examined his case, has advised an urgent coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Angiography is a technique to identify blockages in the coronary arteries whereas PCI is a non-surgical procedure which makes use of a catheter to place a stent for the purpose of opening up blood vessels in the heart.

But, Ziyarat Shah is a daily wager and earns only PKR 10,000 per month. He has 5 children and lives in a rented house with only 3 rooms. He visited multiple local hospitals but was not given an appointment for his treatment.

“I feel very weak but cannot afford to sit at home. Since my job demands manual labour and I do not have energy most of the time, my employer has considered firing me. I had to beg him not to do that.”– Ziyarat Shah

The people of his village told him about our organization. He visited our office and got himself registered.

Ziyarat Shah’s health is deteriorating day by day. Your donations can help save his life. Please consider making a generous donation for him.

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