Iqra suffers from Gynaecology Amenorrhea

Iqra suffers from Gynaecology Amenorrhea

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Iqra Saleem's Story

Iqra Saleem, a 28 years old mother of two, is now expecting for the third time. Iqra lives with her husband and two kids in the city of Lahore. Iqra suffers from Gynaecology Amenorrhea and she came to us at 28 weeks of her pregnancy.  

Gynaecology Amenorrhea is the absence of a menstrual period in a woman of reproductive age. Physiological states of amenorrhea are seen, most commonly, during pregnancy and lactation. After visiting several doctors, Iqra was advised to get a C-section done as soon as possible to prevent herself and her unborn baby from any further risks of complications. 

Iqra Saleem’s Husband is a laborer who merely earns PKR 12000 a month and has difficulties meeting his monthly expenses. In such circumstances, Saleem cannot afford his wife’s C-section. We are determined to help Iqra and her baby to be safe and healthy. Iqra narrates her story in the following manner:

“We were overjoyed to receive the news of our child. My medical condition and  our financial situation didn’t allow us to celebrate joy for a very long time. I just wish to bring my baby safely into this world. Being a mother I am the only one to look after my two kids. In order for them to become abled members of the society and I need to be healthy. Only by being healthy again I will be able to take care of my children.”

Iqra suffers from Gynaecology Amenorrhea and is to deliver a baby as well. Please know that your donations can not only save a life but will help bring another one into this world. Therefore, we urge you to donate for Iqra’s C-section as much as possible.

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Iqra Saleem's Story

Iqra Saleem, a 28-year-old resident of Lahore, conceived for the third time. Previously, she had undergone two C-sections. Now, due to some pregnancy related issues she was advised to go for a lower segment cesarean. To avoid any risks and complications and deliver her baby safely, Iqra was sent to Akram Medical Complex on 08-11-2021 for her LSCS. The surgery was performed by Dr. Asia Nasir. A healthy baby was born. Both Iqra and her baby were discharged the same day in a stable condition.

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