Jannat awaits a Tonsillectomy

Jannat awaits a Tonsillectomy

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Jannat Ramzan's Story

Jannat awaits a Tonsillectomy. Before you read the story, we want to tell you that you can send help to little Jannat by donating for her surgery. Jannat awaits a Tonsillectomy and you can make it possible for her by donating. So please donate generously.

Jannat, aged 38 years, resident of district Tharparkar fell prey to frequent fevers. Moreover, Jannat has been suffering from sore throat, pain, and congestion for the last 2 years. At first, she went to the local hospital and got symptomatic treatment. However, gradually, her condition worsened despite the treatment. Then she went to the hospital again, where the doctor, after thorough checkup, diagnosed her with chronic tonsillitis. Chronic tonsillitis is a persistent infection of the tonsils that often results in recurrent fevers and sore throats.

Consequently, the doctor has advised Jannat to undergo a Tonsillectomy. Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure in which the doctor permanently removes the tonsils. Unfortunately, Jannat’s husband cannot afford the hefty cost of a Tonsillectomy. Jannat’s husband is a clerk and he hardly earns PKR. 18,000 per month. With a family of eight to raise in this income, it is almost impossible for him to save for Jannat’s surgery. Jannat told us:

 “My life took a 180 degree turn 2 years back. I could not even do my normal routine work from now. All because of this illness. I often feel difficulty breathing. This is the most helpless state in which I have been. I don’t know what will happen to me.”

After a lot of distress, Jannat has registered her case with us. We have assured Jannat that she will get better in no time. As Jannat awaits a Tonsillectomy, therefore, we request you to please donate for Jannat’s  procedure and help us fulfill our promise.

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Jannat Ramzan's Story

Jannat, a 38-year-old resident of Nangar Parkar, suffered from pain in the throat while eating or even breathing. On medical consultation, she was diagnosed with chronic tonsillitis. The doctor advised her to undergo Tonsillectomy. For this purpose, Jannat was admitted to ISRA Hospital and her Tonsillectomy was performed by Dr. Amrat Kumar on 01.01.2022. She stayed in the hospital for one day and was discharged with a good postoperative recovery.

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