Muhammad Tufail seeks right Prosthetic leg

Muhammad Tufail seeks right Prosthetic leg

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Muhammad Tufail's Story

Muhammad Tufail seeks the right prosthetic leg. Seven years ago, Muhammad Tufail, aged 30 years, a resident of Faisalabad, left his home on the motorbike. It did not cross his mind ever that he will never return as the same man who is leaving the house today. Fate was not kind to Muhammad Tufail that day. A little while after leaving the home he suffered from a road accident and was later rushed to the hospital. Upon medical evaluation, the doctor discovered severe trauma to the right leg. As his right limb was entirely crushed, he was advised right through knee amputation as the leg could not be saved. He was devastated. Fortunately, his wound soon healed. Now to carry out his daily errands normally, Muhammad Tufail seeks a prosthetic leg. He shares his story as follows:

“Life has been unkind to me for the past few years. What happened seven years ago seems like it happened yesterday. My trauma is still fresh. The doctors have amputated my crushed leg but they can cure my crushed soul. After my wound healed, I realised that my ability to run daily errands and routine matters had significantly diminished. I was limited in my capacity. I would be agitated. But gradually I learnt to gather myself and contain the sorrow in my heart. I am a teacher, the only breadwinner of the family. I earn around PKR. 13,000 per month. I am responsible for raising a family of five members. We live in a joint family system in our own house. In these circumstances and financial constraints, it is impossible for me to afford my right prosthetic leg. Now that we are connected with Transparent Hands, I see a ray of hope.”

Muhammad Tufail seeks the right prosthetic leg. He awaits your donations to acquire the right prosthetic leg in order to improve the quality of his life. Now that he has been connected with Transparent Hands, donate generously to assist Muhammad Tufail in acquiring the right prosthetic leg. 

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Muhammad Tufail's Story

Muhammad Tufail, a 30-year-old resident of Faisalabad, had a road accident seven years ago. His right leg suffered heavy trauma in the accident. The doctors advised him to undergo right below-knee amputation of his crushed leg. After the right below-knee amputation, Muhammad Tufail was unable to run his daily errands. It has been seven years since he underwent this trauma. Now, to perform his normal daily activities, he required a right below-knee prosthesis. For this purpose, he was sent to Hope Rehabilitation Centre where he received his new prosthetic leg after consultation with Dr. Khalid Niazi on 30.09.2021. He is undergoing therapy now, as suggested by the doctors, and he will be able to walk normally again soon.


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