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Support Bibi Hajeroon’s Total Knee Replacement

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Bibi Hajeroon 's Story

Bibi Hajeroon is not able to look after her family, and it really breaks her heart. She is struggling to cope with the pain. Her knee and leg stiffen, making it more painful and difficult for her to do various household chores. She is waiting for a generous donor like you to help her relieve the pain. We urge you to support Bibi Hajeroon’s Total Knee Replacement and ease her suffering. 

Bibi Hajeroon, a 67-year-old resident of Mardan, has been suffering from right knee pain and swelling for the last six years. Her husband took her to the local hospital, and the doctor just prescribed symptomatic treatment. With the passage of time, the pain and swelling in her knee increased. The doctor ran some diagnostic tests and evaluated them. The doctor diagnosed her with osteoarthritis. Knee OA is the result of articular cartilage degeneration without any known cause. This is typically thought of as degeneration due to age as well as wear and tear. After the diagnosis, she was advised to undergo a right Total Knee Replacement. Total Knee Replacement surgery (TKR) is a complex procedure in which effective joint surfaces are replaced with artificial joints.

Bibi Hajeroon lives in a small house with her husband and eight other family members. She is financially dependent on her son, who is a daily wager, earning PKR 36,000 per month. It is difficult for her son to feed a big family with this meager income. Therefore, he cannot pay the surgical expenses. Bibi Hajeroon said in despair:

“The pain and swelling in my knee are disturbing my sleep and making me depressed and anxious. I am waiting for a generous donor like you to help me with the treatment to become active again.”

After a lot of distress and with the help of her doctor, Bibi Hajeroon has registered her case with Transparent Hands. We are determined to put her on the path to good health as soon as we can. But it won’t be possible without your help. Your support can get Bibi Hajeroon back on her feet. We request that you please donate generously and support Bibi Hajeroon’s Total Knee Replacement and help her walk without pain. Donate today with a big heart.

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Bibi Hajeroon 's Story

Imagine Bibi Hajeeron’s life, filled with constant pain that prevented her from caring for her family. For six agonizing years, she endured excruciating right knee pain and swelling, making even the simplest household tasks impossible. The weight on her heart grew heavier each day as she longed to alleviate her family's suffering but found herself unable to do so.
After careful evaluation, the doctor diagnosed her with osteoarthritis—a condition that stole her joy and mobility. The prescribed solution was a total right knee replacement, a complex surgical procedure promising relief. However, the financial burden was too much for her family to bear, relying solely on her son's meager income as a daily wage earner struggling to support their large household.
Hope emerged when Bibi Hajeeron’s case reached Transparent Hands. With your kind and generous support, her dream of a pain-free life rekindled. Your donations poured in, providing the means to fund her much-needed surgery. Bibi Hajeeron’s entered Akbar Medical Complex, where Dr. Khurram performed the life-changing operation on January 24th, 2023. The surgery was a resounding success, and after four days of recovery under vigilant medical care, Bibi Hajeroon was ready to return home.
Thanks to your unwavering support, Bibi Hajeeron’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation. The pain that once plagued her every step has been replaced with newfound freedom. She can now engage in daily activities effortlessly, bringing immeasurable joy to her and her family. The burden on her son's shoulders has lightened, allowing him to better provide for their needs.
Your impact on Bibi Hajeeron’s life has been profound. With your support, she has discovered a new lease on life, empowering her to care for her family and embrace each day with renewed hope. Together, we can continue changing lives and making a profound difference in the world. Discover surgeries and donate Now!

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