Afzal’s Underwent Hepatitis C Treatment Successfully

Afzal’s Underwent Hepatitis C Treatment Successfully

Afzal Hepatitis C patient

Muhammad Afzal's Story

Muhammad Afzal, a 39-year-old resident of Sialkot, found himself in a challenging predicament as he battled both the physical symptoms of hepatitis C and the hardships of a life mired in poverty. His monthly income of a mere 10,000 PKR was barely enough to support his beloved wife and young child. Afzal’s world was turned upside down when he received a diagnosis of hepatitis C after experiencing a range of debilitating symptoms, including fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and dark urine.

Upon seeking medical assistance and undergoing a series of tests, the harsh reality became apparent: Afzal required a three-month course of medication to combat the hepatitis C virus. However, the financial burden of such treatment loomed over him like an insurmountable obstacle. Faced with a heartbreaking dilemma, Afzal found himself torn between sacrificing his health or providing for his family’s basic needs. In a desperate plea for help, he reached out to Transparent Hands.

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Recognizing the urgency of Afzal’s situation, Transparent Hands swiftly took action. They arranged for him to undergo the required medical treatment at Lahore Care Hospital, Lahore under the supervision of skilled healthcare professional Dr. Ibtesam. On September 26, 2023, Afzal commenced his treatment, following a carefully planned regimen to combat the hepatitis C virus.

The support provided by Transparent Hands and the generosity of countless donors played an instrumental role in Afzal’s journey to recovery. Their collective compassion and commitment to accessible healthcare ensured that Afzal received the necessary medical treatment, despite his financial limitations.

Through the concerted efforts of Transparent Hands and the kindness of donors, he successfully completed his three-month course of medication. Afzal is grateful not only for the medical treatment he received but also for the hope and support that were extended to him during his time of need.


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