Anabia Stepped into the World of Sound

Anabia Stepped into the World of Sound


Anabia Abdul rehman's Story

In the vibrant city of Lahore, there resided a sweet and innocent two-year-old girl named Anabia, who had been grappling with hearing loss since the day she was born. It was when Anabia turned one that her parents first became aware of her condition, prompting them to seek medical advice in hopes of finding a solution. Following a series of diagnostic tests, the doctors came to a unanimous recommendation: Anabia would greatly benefit from cochlear implant surgery, a procedure that held the key to restoring her hearing. In their unwavering pursuit of hope and a brighter future for their beloved daughter, Anabia’s family turned to Transparent Hands to register her case.

Anabia’s journey towards regaining her hearing began when she was admitted to Evercare Hospital in Lahore. It was there that the skilled and compassionate surgeon, Dr. Imran Saeed, would perform the life-changing cochlear implant surgery. On a momentous day, February 28, 2024, the internal component of the implant was successfully installed, filling Anabia’s heart with a renewed sense of optimism and the promise of a world filled with sound. Merely two days later, she was discharged from the hospital, stepping into a future brimming with possibilities.

In the following six weeks, Anabia’s progress continued to unfold. The external component of her cochlear implant was meticulously fixed, opening the doors to a whole new world of auditory experiences. With great enthusiasm, Anabia embarked on a transformative journey of speech therapy sessions, where she eagerly absorbed words and language. Each session brought her closer to the blissful realm of communication and self-expression, empowering her to take small yet momentous strides forward. Throughout this remarkable journey, Anabia’s family cherishes the invaluable support of Transparent Hands and the countless donors who made her transformation possible.


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