Dawood underwent a Successful Cochlear Implant Surgery

Dawood underwent a Successful Cochlear Implant Surgery

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Dawood Zia 's Story

Two-and-a-half-year-old Dawood, a resident of Hafizabad, had been facing the challenges of hearing impairment since birth. When he was just one year old, his parents realized that he could not respond to their voices. Determined to understand the cause, they sought medical assistance at the local hospital. Following a series of tests and consultations, the heartbreaking diagnosis came forth: he was suffering from sensorineural hearing loss, an obstacle preventing him from hearing. 

The doctor advised him to undergo cochlear implant surgery. Unfortunately, his family was not in a stable financial situation to pay for the surgery. They contacted Transparent Hands for financial assistance.

He was admitted to National Hospital, Lahore where Dr. Naveed performed his operation on 10-06-2023. The doctor fixed the internal component of the cochlear implant, and the operation was successful. He was discharged after one day in the hospital. However, he had a long way to go before his hearing was fully restored. After a few weeks, he returned to the hospital, where the external component of his cochlear implant was fixed, allowing him to enter a world of sound.   

The doctor recommended that Dawood must take speech therapy sessions with a qualified speech therapist to improve his language and communication skills. He visited a speech therapist and learned to understand and use speech more effectively. Thanks to his cochlear implant, Dawood now has the opportunity to experience the richness of sound, which opens up doors to learning, connecting with others, and enjoying life.

Having the cochlear implant allows Dawood to join in conversations actively, making him feel involved and part of social gatherings. This enables him to build important relationships and share special moments with his family, friends, and peers.

Dawood and his family were able to afford the life-changing surgery, thanks to the support of all donors and Transparent Hands. Your assistance has given him the incredible gift of hearing, which will have a positive impact on his life forever.

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