Faria Gained the Hearing Ability

Faria Gained the Hearing Ability


Faria Masood's Story

In the town of Kasur, there lived a cheerful four-year-old girl named Faria, who had been facing the daily struggles of sensorineural hearing loss since her birth. Determined to find a solution for their beloved daughter, Faria’s parents sought medical advice, and it was recommended that she undergo cochlear implant surgery to restore her hearing abilities.

However, the financial burden of this crucial surgery weighed heavily on Faria’s family, leaving them unable to afford the costly expenses required for the procedure. Recognizing the urgency and importance of Faria’s case, Transparent Hands registered her case and started a campaign to collect funds.

Faria was admitted to Evercare Hospital in Lahore, where the skilled surgeon, Dr. Imran Saeed, would perform the life-changing cochlear implant surgery. On February 26, 2024, the internal component of the implant was successfully installed, marking a pivotal moment in Faria’s life. Just two days later, she was discharged from the hospital, her heart filled with renewed hope and the promise of a brighter future.

Within six weeks, Faria’s progress continued as the external component of her cochlear implant was fixed. This milestone opened up a world of possibilities for her as she embarked on a journey to explore the realms of sound and language. Attending dedicated speech therapy sessions, Faria eagerly learned words and language, taking small but significant steps towards communication and self-expression.

The remarkable progress and transformation in Faria’s life would not have been possible without the unwavering support of Transparent Hands and the generosity of all the donors. Their selfless contributions have not only restored Faria’s hearing but have also allowed her to embrace a future filled with endless possibilities. Faria and her family extend their heartfelt gratitude to all the donors who have played a vital role in making this life-changing journey possible.


Donated: $ 5,423.97

 Evercare Foundation

Donated: $ 1,554.62

 Madihullah Riaz

Donated: $ 644.27

 Asra Faseeh

Donated: $ 387.90

 Razan M Kattoa

Donated: $ 351.49

 Sam A.

Donated: $ 306.82

 Muhammad Bilal

Donated: $ 253.16

 Sabena mir

Donated: $ 235.95

 Yasmeen qazi

Donated: $ 180.19


Donated: $ 171.06


Donated: $ 164.70

 Rahim Iqbal New Horizon

Donated: $ 108.50

 Adnan Siraj

Donated: $ 108.30


Donated: $ 50


Donated: $ 35.98

 Uzma Shariff

Donated: $ 34.60

 Haseeb Mansoor

Donated: $ 1

 Raheel Abbas

Donated: $ 0.18

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$ 10,012.70

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$ 10,012.70
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$ 10,012.70 Raised

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