Niaz Bibi Regains Her Mobility

Niaz Bibi Regains Her Mobility

Niaz Bibi

Niaz Bibi 's Story

Over the past few years, Niaz Bibi, a 46-year-old resident of Kasur, has faced significant physical and emotional challenges, having lost her leg due to complications arising from diabetes. Residing in Kasur with her husband, Niaz Bibi shouldered numerous household responsibilities, but her disability made these tasks increasingly difficult, requiring her to seek assistance for daily activities. Recognizing the urgent need for support, she set her sights on regaining her independence through the acquisition of an artificial leg.

A year ago, the onset of ulcers and inflammation in her left foot prompted Niaz Bibi to seek medical attention at the local hospital in Kasur. Unfortunately, her condition was diagnosed as an infected diabetic foot, and initial attempts were made to salvage her leg through the amputation of two affected digits. However, as the severity of the condition escalated, a below-the-knee amputation became inevitable.

Living in a rented residence, Niaz Bibi and her husband faced financial strain, as his modest income of PKR 15,000 per month as a laborer was insufficient to cover the costs associated with acquiring an artificial leg. In her search for assistance, she turned to Transparent Hands.

Recognizing the urgency and gravity of her situation, Transparent Hands pooled the resources of compassionate donors who rallied behind her cause. Through their generous contributions, Niaz Bibi received her artificial leg, which was expertly fitted on October 11th, 2023, at Hope Rehabilitation Centre under the supervision of Dr. Khalid Niaz. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Niaz Bibi expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Transparent Hands and all donors for their invaluable support.

The provision of an artificial leg marked a turning point in Niaz Bibi’s life, enabling her to regain mobility and reclaim a sense of independence. With renewed hope and restored confidence, She was inspired to face life’s challenges with resilience and determination.

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