Parveen Akhtar Conquered Cancer

Parveen Akhtar Conquered Cancer

Parveen Akhtar's Story

In the face of a continuous battle against pain and swelling in her left jaw, along with restricted mouth opening, Parveen Akhtar, a resilient 54-year-old resident of Mianwali, found herself confronted with a daunting diagnosis. Following an incisional biopsy, her doctors delivered the devastating news: she was diagnosed with well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma of the left retromolar region and lingual border of the tongue. The gravity of her condition necessitated tumor resection and neck dissection as crucial next steps.

Parveen, already burdened with the financial hardship resulting from her late husband’s demise, was overwhelmed by the weight of her illness. The exorbitant surgical expenses were beyond her means, leaving her feeling helpless and trapped. However, a ray of hope shone upon her when Transparent Hands, moved by her plight, decided to take up her case.

With unwavering support from our donors, Parveen’s journey towards healing began. She was admitted to CMH Hospital in Lahore, where the skilled hands of Dr. Asad Aziz operated on her successfully on March 27, 2024. After three days of attentive post-operative care, Parveen was discharged from the hospital, and her condition was deemed satisfactory.

Gratitude overflowed within Parveen’s heart as she reflected on her transformative experience. She expressed deep appreciation for the selfless donors who played an instrumental role in alleviating her pain and discomfort. As Parveen embarks on her journey towards a healthier future, she carries a profound gratitude and renewed determination. She is eternally thankful to the donors who selflessly stepped forward to support her, providing her with the opportunity to overcome her pain and discomfort. With a newfound lease on life, Parveen looks forward to cherishing each moment and embracing the joy that comes with the gift of healing.

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