Raees Ahmad’s Ureterolithotomy was successful.

Raees Ahmad’s Ureterolithotomy was successful.

Raees Ahmad

Raees Ahmad's Story

Raees Ahmad, aged 28, a resident of Mianwali had been suffering from pain in the left lumbar region for the past five years. Upon medical evaluation, he was diagnosed with left ureteric stones. Ureteric stones are the stones that travel from the kidney down to the ureter where they get lodged and block the urine flow, causing pain and backpressure. The urologist advised Raees Ahmad to undergo a surgical procedure for the removal of stones.

For this purpose, he was admitted to Akram Medical Complex, where he underwent left Ureterolithotomy by Dr. Shah Jahan on 08.04.2021. He was kept under observation until the doctors were completely satisfied with his progress. Three days later, he was discharged from the hospital in a satisfactory condition.


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