Rayan Asim will be able to hear again

Rayan Asim will be able to hear again

Muhammad Rayan Asim

Muhammad Rayan Asim's Story

Muhammad Rayan Asim, aged 3.8 years, suffered from congenital sensorineural hearing loss. The ENT specialist who examined him advised a cochlear implant for him. Rayan was, therefore, referred to Patel Hospital where a cochlear implant was installed in his right ear under the supervision of Dr. Nabeel Humayun on 9.06.2021. However this was not the end of his procedure. He was to visit soon for the placement of the external component of the device. For this purpose he visited Patel Hospital again on 15.08.2021 where the external component of the device was placed. He was discharged the same day. Rayan will start taking his appointments with the speech therapist very soon. His family is looking forward to the completion of the procedure soon, after which their son will be able to listen to the surroundings. Gradually, over the period of a few months, the volume of his component will be adjusted after which he will be able to hear normally.

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