C-Section of Shazia was Successful

C-Section of Shazia was Successful

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Shazia Umar's Story

Shazia, a 36-year-old resident of Lahore, was expecting her eighth child. In her seventh month of pregnancy, she visited the local hospital for a checkup where the doctor advised her to undergo a safe delivery through a Cesarean section. Understanding the importance of her and her baby’s health, she agreed to the procedure despite facing financial difficulties.

Shazia sought financial assistance from Transparent Hands, and with our help, she was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital. Dr. Rakhshanda skillfully performed the C-section procedure on 08-06-2023, and Shazia gave birth to a healthy baby. Both mother and child received excellent postnatal care and monitoring at the hospital for three days before they were ready to start their new journey together.

Shazia is immensely grateful to the donors who generously supported her medical expenses. Their selfless contributions relieved her of the financial burden and allowed her to access quality healthcare during this critical time. The support had a profound impact on her life, turning what could have been a worrying period into a time of hope and happiness. Shazia’s heart was filled with joy as she embraced her role as a mother, cherishing the precious moments with her baby. She is now hopeful that she can recover soon and take care of her newborn baby in a better way. 

Overwhelmed with happiness, Shazia extends her heartfelt thanks to all the generous donors who supported her during her journey to motherhood. Their generosity made a significant difference in her life, and she will forever be grateful for their help and support throughout her life. 

Shazia’s journey to motherhood was made smoother and less stressful with the help of generosity and compassion shown by kind donors who stepped forward. The arrival of her child in good health is indeed a sigh of relief and internal satisfaction for her. 

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