Sitara Bibi Delivered a Healthy Baby Boy

Sitara Bibi Delivered a Healthy Baby Boy

Sitara Bibi's Story

Sitara Bibi, a 32-year-old resident of Karachi, eagerly awaited the arrival of her second child with a mix of joy and concern. The medical advice from her doctor had raised alarms, as it was recommended that she undergo a C-section for safe delivery. However, as a devoted homemaker and with her husband working as a daily wage earner, the financial constraints they faced seemed insurmountable, threatening the well-being of their unborn child.

Determined to ensure a safe delivery, Sitara took the initiative and reached out to a local hospital, seeking guidance and assistance. The doctor reiterated the need for a C-section, considering Sitara’s specific circumstances, particularly her previous C-section delivery. However, the couple found themselves trapped in a challenging predicament, unable to bear the weight of the financial burden associated with the necessary medical treatment.

In their darkest hour, Sitara discovered Transparent Hands. Filled with hope, she reached out to us, seeking their help. We, fueled by the compassion of its donors, stood ready to extend a helping hand.

Sitara’s plea for support did not go unheard. With the collective assistance of Transparent Hands and the generosity of its donors, she was admitted to Murshid Hospital in Karachi. Under the care of Dr. Samreen Zeeshan, a skilled and compassionate obstetrician, Sitara underwent the C-section procedure successfully on 13th January 2024, bringing a healthy baby boy into the world. The relief and joy that washed over Sitara and her husband were immeasurable.

After two days of attentive post-operative care, Sitara and her baby were discharged from the hospital, and their condition was deemed satisfactory. The weight of the financial burden that once seemed overwhelming had been lifted, thanks to the selfless donors and the invaluable support provided by Transparent Hands

Sitara’s journey was not without obstacles, but her unwavering determination and the support she received demonstrated the incredible strength of the human spirit in times of adversity. As Sitara’s baby boy enters the world, he is embraced by a community that is united to ensure his safe arrival.

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