Urwa Yasir’s Life Empowered with Sound

Urwa Yasir’s Life Empowered with Sound

Urwa yasir

Urwa Yasir 's Story

Urwa Yasir, a resilient four-year-old from Bhambhar, has faced a lifelong challenge with a hearing impairment. Since birth, she grappled with this condition, living in a world without the beautiful symphony of sound.

Her journey to hearing began at Ali Medical Complex, Islamabad, where she was admitted on September 19, 2023. Dr. Jawwad Ahmed, a skilled surgeon, performed the life-changing surgery on the same day, implanting the internal component.

Remarkably, Urwa was discharged from the hospital on September 20, 2023, marking the beginning of her transformative path. After a waiting period of six weeks, the external implant was installed, paving the way for ongoing speech therapy to nurture her ability to comprehend and communicate through sound.

Urwa’s perseverance, coupled with the expertise of Dr. Jawwad Ahmed and the post-operative speech therapy sessions, creates a promising landscape for her auditory development. Her story exemplifies resilience and the power of medical advancements in bestowing the invaluable gift of hearing.

With each therapy session, Urwa inches closer to embracing the world of sounds, a testament to the hope and possibilities that lie ahead in her journey towards a life filled with the joys of hearing.


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