Uswa Hamid’s Lumpectomy has been successfully performed

Uswa Hamid’s Lumpectomy has been successfully performed

Uswa Hamid

Uswa Hamid's Story

Uswa, aged thirteen years, a resident of Lahore had been suffering from an unusual lump in her left breast for the past 3 months. After consulting different doctors and taking medicines, her condition did not improve. She was finally investigated by a properly qualified doctor. He advised her to take some tests, after which she was diagnosed with a Phyllodes tumor in her left breast. She was advised to get a wide local excision of her breast lump. Therefore, Uswa was admitted to Akram Medical Complex to get her surgery done on 12-07-21 by Dr. Ahmed Fawad. Her surgery was a success, she was discharged two days later in a stable condition.

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