Waheed Khan’s Artificial Leg was Fixed

Waheed Khan’s Artificial Leg was Fixed

Waheed Khan

Waheed Khan's Story

Waheed Khan, a 44-year-old resident of Lahore, experienced a life-altering event when he suffered a severe injury to his right leg in a traffic accident. Urgently admitted to a local hospital for immediate medical attention, the extent of his injury rendered his leg irreparable, ultimately leading to the amputation of his right leg above the knee.

This unforeseen circumstance had profound consequences not only on Waheed’s physical well-being but also on his emotional and psychological state. Once an active and valued member of his family, he grappled with feelings of isolation, helplessness, and a diminished sense of self-worth. The inability to engage in gainful employment exacerbated his struggles, straining his relationships and imposing significant financial burdens.

Amidst the challenges that loomed over his life, Waheed clung to hope and maintained a steadfast determination. He firmly believed in the transformative power of compassionate individuals who could serve as catalysts for positive change. Recognizing that the acquisition of an artificial leg held the potential to restore his independence and reignite a sense of dignity. 

Residing with his wife and nine children, Waheed confronted substantial financial constraints, relying heavily on his son for support. The financial crisis he faced impeded his ability to independently procure a prosthetic leg. In a state of distress, he reached out to Transparent Hands.

Through the generosity of donors, Waheed underwent a successful amputation procedure on October 30th, 2023, at Hope Rehabilitation Centre under the expert supervision of Dr. Khalid Niaz. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Waheed extended his heartfelt appreciation to Transparent Hands and all the donors.

The provision of an artificial leg marked a turning point in Waheed’s life, granting him the ability to regain mobility and reclaim his independence. With renewed hope and restored confidence, Waheed was inspired to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and determination.


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