You Helped Muhammad Saleem gets back on his Feet

You Helped Muhammad Saleem gets back on his Feet

Muhammad Saleem

Muhammad Saleem's Story

Muhammad Saleem, a 61-year-old resident of Toba Tek Singh, had been grappling with the challenges of diabetes. A year ago, he encountered a distressing situation when ulcers developed on his left foot, causing inflammation. Seeking medical attention at the local hospital, he received a diagnosis of an infected diabetic foot, characterized by a spreading soft tissue infection originating from the foot ulcers. Unfortunately, the gravity of his condition necessitated a critical decision: the amputation of his left leg.

Amidst the burden of this life-altering procedure, Saleem faced the additional challenge of being unable to afford an artificial leg, which was vital for him to regain his mobility and independence. Exhausting all other options, he turned to Transparent Hands, an organization committed to assisting individuals in need. Recognizing the urgency and importance of his case, we are dedicated to helping Saleem overcome his limitations and restore his ability to walk.

Under the expert supervision of Dr. Khalid at Hope Rehabilitation Centre, Saleem received his prosthetic leg on October 27th, 2023. The moment of receiving the replacement limb brought immense joy and relief to Saleem. With newfound mobility, he was able to navigate daily activities with greater ease and assume his familial responsibilities with renewed strength.

The provision of the prosthetic limb not only granted physical mobility but also fostered emotional and psychological healing in Saleem’s life. It instilled in him a sense of confidence, enabling him to confront life’s challenges with resilience. Empowered by this invaluable support, Saleem regained a sense of self-worth and independence, approaching life with optimism and hope.

Deep gratitude filled Saleem’s heart, directed towards the generous donors whose compassion and generosity made his transformation possible. Their support not only restored his ability to walk but also rekindled his faith in the inherent kindness and benevolence of humanity.

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