Supporting Children With Disabilities in Pakistan

Supporting Children With Disabilities in Pakistan

Children With Disabilities

The Proper Definition of Disability

Disabled children are those who suffer from conditions such as deafness, speech impairment, blindness, autism, mental issues, or other physical or learning disabilities. They need specialized medical services and an education plan. Children with disabilities deserve the same rights and protections as other children. By definition, any child with a disability should also be considered a child in need. A child can be considered disabled if there are significant problems with communication, comprehension, vision, hearing, or physical functioning.

Pakistan’s Equation of Disabled Children

As per the findings recorded by the United Nations during the population census of 1998, the total number of disabled children is 43.4% of the total PWDs population globally. There are 58.4% male disabled children and 41.6% female disabled children. 

Let us join hands to make a difference in their young lives

Below is a list of a few charitable organizations that focus on persons with disabilities in Pakistan. If you want to help disabled children, consider donating to one of them.

National Disability & Development Forum (NDF)

National Disability & Development Forum (NDF), is a registered non-profit organization. It is also approved by the Economic Affairs Division and certified with PCP (Pakistan Center for Philanthropy).

The National Disability & Development Forum (NDF) has been working for many years in Sindh to cater to disabled children and the disabled population in general. They provide facilities for education, health, nutrition, and gender mainstreaming.

NDF stands in opposition to discrimination based on ethnicity, religious, or political differences. The National disability forum prioritizes the need to address and highlight the vulnerability faced by disabled children. PDF works in collaboration with the Sindh Government, UNESCO, USAID, Handicap International, and other national and international organizations and donors.

Dar ul Sukun

Dar Ul Sukun is working to provide care to disabled children. They work with mentally disabled children and adults. Darul Sukun Trust supports the marginalized population of disabled children who were abandoned even by their primary caregivers.

Dar Ul Sukun Trust was established by Sr. Gertrude who kept working with the organization all his life without ever returning to his homeland, Holland.


NOWPDP’s main work is done in the development sector. The organization focuses on including disabled people in mainstream society. NOWPDP achieves its aims by empowering disabled people and helping them become independent. They aim to transform the disabled population by equipping them with skills.


Al Mudassar Trust is a social welfare organization that works in the far-off rural areas of Pakistan to bring betterment and ease to the lives of disabled children and adults. Al Mudassar Trust takes pride in providing completely free education and health services to children with disabilities and special needs.

Transparent Hands 

Many among us can’t hear the sounds of this world. It is unfortunate, but thanks to the advancements in medical research, there exists a solution: a cochlear implant. Cochlear implants are a perfect choice for individuals who are past the stage where a hearing aid can be of any use. But unfortunately, they are too expensive for patients who hail from disadvantaged backgrounds. That’s where Transparent Hands plays a key role in ensuring that people suffering from hearing loss have access to free cochlear implants. Little ones are the primary recipients of cochlear implant surgeries. Many children with hearing loss can hear today because of the cochlear implant surgeries supported by Transparent Hands

Speech and Hearing Therapy after Cochlear Implant Surgery

We must go the extra mile to create an inclusive society for children with disabilities so that they also become an important part of our society. One easy way of doing so is to donate to charitable organizations that support the treatments and needs of children with disabilities. 

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