Top 3 Heart Surgery Funding Organizations in Pakistan

Top 3 Heart Surgery Funding Organizations in Pakistan

Top 3 Heart Surgery Funding Organizations in Pakistan

Medically known as cardiac or cardiovascular surgery and in the most common context called as heart surgery, is the process that deals with the heart alignment to treat the complication of any kind of processing of the heart. This kind of treatment might include the; coronary artery bypass grafting, congenital heart disease and valvular heart disease from various causes for example; rheumatic heart disease, endocarditis, or atherosclerosis etc. at times it might include the heart transplant. Top 3 Heart Surgery Funding Organizations in Pakistan

With the advancement in technology, there are surprising advancements in cardiac surgeries as well and these techniques have helped a lot to reduce the mortality rate in humans. The basic concern with cardiac surgery is the damage to nervous system and about 2 to 3 % of people get the stroke after going to a cardiac surgery, other factors also play a role in increasing or decreasing the stroke rate.

Though in many cases the heart surgery comes with a number of complications but it is a must in most of the cases, to extend the lifetime of any individual. It helps to live life in a better way. However, doctors and health physicians always recommend staying away from the complication by avoiding minor issues like obesity, stress, and smoking etc. as they are one of the major causes of creating heart complications.

In the case when there is a subtle need to going through a heart surgery, recommended is never to delay the processing and get treated to live your desired life. In another case, your life might come to an end before time. Pakistan also comes in the list of countries where people suffer more stress and are obsessed, for this reason, there are a huge number of people suffering from heart disease on daily basis. To cope with the matter and to provide the people with better health treatment and more opportunities to live, there are a number of profit and non-profit organizations that are working on different modules to help the needy to deal with their heart treatments.

Top 3 Heart Surgery Funding Organizations in Pakistan

At times when there are a number of leading hospitals with the most advanced technologies to treat the heart patients, in different parts of Pakistan, there are some organizations that are working at their best to help the poor people of Pakistan to get treatment of heart surgery in Pakistan. To help others, have a better look at the situation, we are enlisting the top 3 heart surgery funding organizations in Pakistan.

1- Punjab Institute of Cardiology:

The PIC is located in Lahore and is one of the most appreciated cardiac care hospitals in Pakistan. It has more than 300 bedding facility with the provision of nationwide cardiac care services since last 18 years. In recent days it is expanding its units and increasing the capacity.

At times when the hospital is successfully providing services of a cardiac emergency, OPD, diagnostics, interventional and invasive cardiology and cardiac surgery, it serves the needy and poor people of Pakistan by providing them free heart treatments of all kinds. Is the first ISO certified government hospital that is actively involved in activities like postgraduate training in cardiology, cardiac surgery and anesthesia and also research. The hospital is also funding the heart surgery treatment for poor people of Pakistan and is successfully providing them the best ever treatments possible.

All You Need to Know About Free Heart Surgery in Pakistan

2- The National Institute of Cardio Vascular Disease:

The NICVD has played a crucial role in serving the heart patients in Pakistan. NICVD is the first tertiary care hospital for heart patients, in South Asia. With the focus on the superior care for the needy and training and education for the professionals, the institute also provides research and development services for the cardiology experts. The institute is had been serving the needy, not only from Pakistan but also the afghan refugees and the heart patients from neighboring countries.

3- Malik Riaz Foundation:

Malik Riaz is an internationally known business tycoon in Pakistan. He has been dealing with a number of commercial and residential projects and can be seen significantly working for the welfare and helping people in need. At times the foundation has served a number of people around the globe. However, his foundation is also helping the needy by funding and helping them in their heart treatments in Pakistan.

Download our  Transparenthands Andriod Application for Online Donation

Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation

Honorable Mention

Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation (PCHF)

“To establish a state of the art medical facility that provides the highest quality of care for children with heart disease, irrespective of their financial means. To act as a model institute, for the training of healthcare professionals, education of the public at large and promote research into the causes and management of congenital heart disease.”

They have the best Paeds Cardiologist and Surgeons as part of their Medical Advisory Boards, they help us do the medical evaluation of the patients with CHD. The brief of their profiles are mentioned here; they also help us in performing pre, during and post surgeries support.

The number of children born with heart disease in Pakistan is high. Adequate numbers of trained doctors, quality facilities, infrastructure, and funding are all deficient. They are working on building a Centre of Excellence to train more doctors for more heart surgeries.

They need 1 LAC PAKISTANIS DONATING 1000 RUPEES EVERY MONTH. Let begin this mission.

Centre of Excellence is not only about the surgeries of heart patient but it also includes capacity building and research elements of heart surgeries.

PCHF is spending on deserving children with CHD. Give your Zakat to PCHF and help those CHD-related patients.

“Zakah expenditures are only for the Poor and for the Needy and for those Employed to collect [zakah] and for bringing hearts together [for Islam] and for freeing Captives [or slaves] and for those in Debt and for the cause of Allah and for the [stranded] Traveler – an obligation [imposed] by Allah . And Allah is Knowing and Wise.” (Surah Tauba: 60)

If you want to donate for heart surgery then click here

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  1. My son of age 16 months having TOF tetrology of fallot a cardiac deseas plz help me how to get to a good foundation

    1. Dear khanzaman,
      Thank you for your query. Can you please send details of patient’s previous surgery, when and where was she operated, the reason for failure of surgery and the related documents of previous treatment as well as reviewed investigations after surgery? Kindly send these documents to Our doctor will evaluate her case for her second surgery if feasible.

  2. My mother has diagnosed with heart disease. According to Doctors, 2 valves of her heart is damaged. They have advised to go for open heart surgery but we can’t afford treatment. I need some financial assistance so that my mother get her treatment.

    1. Dear Mehmood,

      Thank you for your message. Transparent Hands only deals in surgical treatment of poor patients free of cost. We don’t give funds to anyone for any purpose. You can contact us on +92 (42) 3584 1161 or email your mother’s reports along with contact details to One of our representatives will contact you soon.

  3. My Relative’ 3 vains of heart are blocked in ngo graphy test showed dr Suggest bypass Operation him but he has no fund for this kindly support him in this regard
    Mob 03004273877

  4. My mother.Brother and his wife has diagnosed with heart disease. According to engeoghrapy, and doctor 3 valves of her heart is damaged. They have advised to go for open heart surgery but we can’t afford treatment. I need some financial assistance so that my mother brother and bhabi get her treatment. I belong kpk district (Mardan)
    please if any one want to help me my contact no is 03121528306 sarfaraz

  5. My sister has been diagnosed a blocked leg artery. She cannot walk through
    this and has blisters in her legs. She needs a bypass surgery. My sister lives right now in Afghanistan and cannot afford this surgery. where can i find a foundition who can help her. she is really helpless.

    1. Dear Sarah,
      Transparent Hands only deals in free surgical treatment of poor patients in Pakistan. Unfortunately, we are unable to help your sister.

  6. My father diagnosed by an assistant professor , and advised surgery to him. Angiography results also available. We have income which hardly home rent utility bills and domestic expenses , so we are unable to bear his treatment cost. If there is any hospital / organization which provides free health care of cardiac diseases plz guide me about that’s .
    I shall be thankful for that

    1. Dear Kazim,
      We tried calling you but your number is not responding. Could you please give us an alternative number or call us at +92 (42) 3584 1161.

  7. my uncle name : mazar gillani
    problem :heart fail
    need heart transplant
    we are in search of some help for the expance and donor we don,t have much money the patients have two little baby girls,if some can help us plz contact us on 03060164028

    1. Dear Mr. Ubaid,
      Transparent Hands conducts free surgical treatment of poor patients in Pakistan. Currently, we are not dealing in transplant of any kind. Unfortunately, we are unable to help you in this.
      We wish the patient speedy recovery.

  8. Sir my baby 43days of age had TAPVC and needs to operate for open heart surgery.I belongs to an average family.But the expenses are too much that i can’t afford….i brought him to LAHORE CHILDREN HOSPITAL for treatment but all in vain because it will take too much time..for proceeding his turn so please please help me…

  9. السلام علیکم ورحمۃاللہ
    محترم ایک غریب آدمی جس کے تین بچے ہیں بڑی بیٹی جس کی عمر سات سال ہے ڈاکٹروں کے مطابق بچی کے دل میں پیدائشی سوراخ ہے راولپنڈی آف کارڈیالوجی نے آپریشن اوپن ہارٹ سرجری کا کہا ہے اور تین لاکھ پندرہ ہزار خرچہ بتایا ہے بچی کا باپ غریب اور سفید پوش آدمی ہے۔ برائے کرام حل تجویز فرمائیں۔ بچی کے باپ کا موبائل نمبر 03018991664 ہے اسلام آباد میں رہتا ہے۔

    1. Dear Umer,
      The number you have provided is not responding. Please give us any alternate number or call us on 0313-1418444 or 042 35841161

  10. 2 Year old Boy is critically ill and diagnosed to have hole in the Heart, his family is poor enough to meet expenses treatment, they went to Aga Khan Hospital and told that some 8 Lacs rupees to be spend for the treatment. Is there any possibility that the matter be taken care of, is there anybody who can help this family to get treatment for their Only Son.

    Please do help by your suggestions, so that the poor family get back their happiness after treatment.

    Please help.

    Furqan Khan
    Cell No. 0348-2483973

    1. Dear Furqan,
      I’ve forwarded your request to the concerned department. One of our team members will contact you shortly.

  11. sir mery sis ko open heart sersurg ka kaha gaya hey kia ap is silsalay mea help kar saktay hey

  12. My nephew has diagnosed with hole in heart and exepected are told to be more than 7 lac by Agha khan. we are unable to afford these expenses.. My contact number is 03333116620

  13. Respected sir, with due respect it is stated that a poor patient of heart disease is admitted at Al Rehman hospital Peshawar doctors advice him bypass operation within 15 days. Named Maulana Muhammad Riaz S/O Abdul Ahad age 42 years,he completed his Shahdatul Alamia from wifaqul madaris Pakistan. He has 4 little children and belongs to a poor family, therefore we all the villager of Broze Sheri Chitral requested you to kindly help him and save his life. His contact No is. 03456141867, 03463581218

  14. sir, meri bhanji jo sirf 3 month ki ha, doctor k mutabiq us k heart ki veins ulti lagi hain or heart me sorakh b hai. doctor ne jald or jald heart surgery recommend ki ha but hum private elaj afford nahi kr sakty. humain urgent help ki zarorat hai. please help.

  15. Sir mri ami ko heart blockage ki problem btai h doctors nay Kal tu Kia ap mri help kr skty hn sir mn boht pareshan hu akaily ye sub nh manage kr skti

    1. Rabia, thank you for contacting us. Here are the contact details of “Patient Recruitment Department”.

      1- Health Care Administrator Tahseen 0313-1418444
      2- Patient Coordinator Imran 0316-4842198
      3- Office Contact Details +92-423-5201125

      You can call us on the given numbers. We’ll definitely try to help your mother.

      If you have any further questions, please let us know.

      Thank you

      1. Dear Rabia,
        For deserving patients, Transparent Hands covers all of the expenses including surgeries or medical procedures.

  16. Dear!
    Please tell us what sort of illness you have?
    Hopefully, if we could help, we would!

  17. Hello Sir,
    Meray Abu ko bypass operation ka kaha Gaya hay, April say ham wait Kar rahay hay lekin paiso ki waja say kuch nahi Hua, may Dubai may ta lekin March say jobless Hou, Corona ki waja say. Hamara income source Allah k bad sirf may Hou,Abu ka age 68 years hay. Kindly help me,before its too late. 03139800698

    1. Thank you for your message. Here are our contact details:
      1- Health Care Administrator Tahseen 0313-1418444
      2- Patient Coordinator Imran 0316-4842198
      3- Office Contact Details +92-423-5201125

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