Top 6 Global Athletes Who Generously Donate to Charity

Top 6 Global Athletes Who Generously Donate to Charity

At times, where we know very few of the celebrities are into donations and such activities, but the athletes are really well known for their donations and charities. At times there are some who just stick to their teams, grounds, play courts etc. and are away from the limelight, there are many who feel happy to be a part of social activities. Top 6 Global Athletes Who Generously Donate to Charity.

Many sports personalities spend a large amount of money on the items that are fewer consumers based and are more for the purpose of charity. Most of these sports celebrities state that their lives are privileged and are for this reason they are curious of that and look forward to giving to those who are less fortunate to get these basic facilities of living a better and normal life.

There are some sports persons who can often be seen in the limelight for their charitable activities, but others are just dedicated to their charitable projects without paying much attention to a good press.  They can be seen deeply involved in the activities by not only giving the cheques but also taking part in the activities physically.

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Top 6 Global Athletes Who Generously Donate to Charity

Here we will enlist for you, the top charitable sports personalities from around the globe.

Dikembe Mutombo:

He has supported a number of foundations including; HOPE worldwide Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, ONE Campaign, FACE Africa, UNICEF, and Right to Play Foundation. Back in the year 2012, he was recognized as the Special Olympic Global Ambassador and founded a Dikembe Mutombo Foundation in the year 1997. The organization seeks for the provision of facilities and airs to the people in his native are, Congo. One of the major accomplishments of his foundation is the construction of Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital in the region of Kenosha the capital of Congo. Retired from the basketball now, he is well known for his charitable work for years, with countless accolades for a number of humanitarian causes.

Drew Brees:

A clean-cut, all-American good boy is the most cultivated reputation of Brees. This noble impression of him is also supported by the charitable efforts he had made. He established a foundation that works for the rebuilding of schools and provision of athletic facilities to the people of New Orleans after the incident of great Hurricane Katrina. Apart from this, he has also contributed to the campaigns to increase the awareness among people on various social issues like teen struggles and environmental problems.

David Beckham:

Notorious for soccer powers, he must also be appreciated for his charities. With the name of Victoria & David Beckham Trust, he has founded his own charity and is a founding member of the Malaria No More UK Leadership Council. Appointed as the ambassador for UNICEF, he supports a number of charities including; the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Help for Heroes. Red Cross and Sports relief etc.

Peyton Manning:

Back in 1999, he established a PeBack Foundation that provides leadership as well as growth opportunities to the youth with the risk of promoting future success. Manning is the president of the foundation and is constantly playing an active role in serving the aimed causes. The foundation has given over 10million dollar grants to different programs in Colorado, Louisiana, Tennessee and Indiana. Apart from his own organization, he has also supported other foundations like Red Cross.

Alex Smith:

Established a smith foundation that is helping infinite foster teens in their studies, from scholarships to tuitions, books, housing and that of their living expenses. Smith has donated his money as well as time to the foundation. He owns a reputation for changing the child-welfare systems and addressed the issue globally. The efforts of his foundation are also appreciated by the Boston Globe for donation about 91% of its funds to a cause.

Tom Brady:

He has supported various charities like KaBOOM, Entertainment Industry Foundations, the Boys, and Girls Club America and many others.  E is well known for his charitable activities and is appreciated well like many other athletes.

Apart from these, many other athletes are appreciated for their generosity and can be seen taking an active part in donating and helping others.


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