What is the purpose of Charity?

What is the purpose of Charity?

What is the purpose of Charity?


We rise by lifting others is a fact that has been proven true repeatedly over the span of human history. The compassion and empathy that defines humanity are exactly what is needed in these dark times. One way in which humans show how much they care about each other is giving. Have you ever wondered what moves a human so much that he agrees to donate valuable possessions to a charity? We reckon it is the bond of humanity more than anything else. An even more important question in this debate is about the purpose of charity. What is the purpose of charity? Helping others is understandable, but from a personal and familial point of view, exploring the purpose of charity is important as well. Something that we intend to do in this debate!  So, without further ado, let us recall the golden purpose of charity!

You can feel that elusive sense of satisfaction!

It is the year 2020 and the world has become far more selfish in nature than it was once. Everyday hustles and businesses are draining the last bits of humanity that humans are left with. We think that everyday hustles and worldly affairs will give us the ultimate sense of satisfaction and pleasure, which is far from the realms of reality. Ask yourself, when did you feel happier? When you bought something lavish for yourself or when you helped out someone who genuinely needed your help? One doesn’t have to be a genius to figure that out! If you have never donated before in your life, maybe it is time you taste that elusive satisfaction humans run after so desperately. After all, this sense of satisfaction is what humans run after all their life! You don’t need to donate in millions, just help out people, which is one of the basic purposes of charity as well.

Charity in the 21st century

It serves as a reminder of moral obligations

You might have earned what you have through your efforts and hard work but that doesn’t exempt you from your moral duties. In a society with class differences, it is the moral responsibility of the rich to take care of the poor. Feeling powerful is OK but justifying that power is equally important as well. Those who are privileged must prove the worthiness of the privileges that they have. One of the easiest ways of doing that is by making sure that you are not forgetful about the rights of underprivileged members of society. After all, they have needs too. If their basic rights are not addressed, it can lead to disappointment and hopelessness on a general level. All of this can be avoided, of course, we must not forget that. All that one has to do is remain cognizant of their duties. And in the case of rich ones, it is taking care of the poor, which is yet another purpose of charity.

 Giving is Impactful After All!

Now we must not undermine the beneficial aspects of charity. In a discussion, these benefits are often not discussed enough and are subject to generalization. The basic purpose of charity or giving is communal and individual welfare. If practiced on a large scale and regularly as well, the charity can get wealth circulating in society. This then takes care of threats of economic recession and abridges the class gap in society. This financial disparity is an important aspect of any society since it affects the growth and development at both individual and community levels. For example, if more people are deprived of money, their contribution to the development of the community cannot be expected to be a significant one. Hence, one must remember that giving or charity is just not a momentary act of kindness. Rather, it has implications far more impactful.

It Gives You a Chance to Set a Golden Example

As adults, you want your kids to adopt character-building habits. No doubt that 99.99 percent of you want that! Now, there are many good personality traits that you would want to see in your kids as well. But in our opinion, there aren’t many as significant as the compassion of donation, the ability to show empathy for the underprivileged ones of society. How can you set an example for your kids? Donate often in front of your kids. We don’t mean million-dollar donations here. Putting some money in the collecting tin of the guy at the corner of your street can leave an imprint in your kid’s mind as well. Tell them tales of compassion, and show them how charity heals broken hearts, a less discussed but deep purpose of charity!

What is the Purpose of Charity?

2020 was a year that humanity as a whole will not care about much. Too many precious lives were lost as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and it is still happening! Millions lost their jobs, many lost those on whom they were depending. In the years like 2020 and 2021, the purposes of charity need to be redefined. It is going to be more of a process that gets as many people out of the trap they are in right now, as it can. Whether you are donating on an individual level or via some charity organization, the goal is going to be the same: bring the world back to the place where it was before the pandemic!


For every donor, the purpose of charity varies. We are sure that in your case, the same holds. You might have a reason for donating, a very good one. But whatever that reason might be, it doesn’t stop you from making you a source of comfort for those who are in distress in these troubling times. We have seen how a few words of compassion and some provisions can make people all hopeful about life again. We want you to remember that if you are donating this year. If you haven’t donated in your life ever, we urge you to become acquainted with the basic purpose of the charity before the human inside you dies! Donate Now

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