Where to Donate on This Thanksgiving

Where to Donate on This Thanksgiving

Where to Donate on This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not just a celebratory occasion. It is the time when we should sit in silence to take a closer look into our lives and be grateful for all the blessings, opportunities, and wealth we have acquired with our hard work and abilities. Where to Donate This Thanksgiving 

If we peep into our daily lives, we can see how much we are always giving to the people around us. We are giving money to pay the bills for our regular utilities. We are giving food to our family and to our beloved children. We are giving care to the elders and often valuable presents to please our dearest friends. We give presentations to a client to get a profitable deal for our company and often handshakes and waves to our colleagues.

We might not count all our actions separately, but the sincerity with which we give so many things to people every day makes our world so special. Receiving gifts and services from others definitely feel good but giving to others, even after knowing the fact that they cannot return our favors, defines who we are as human beings.  

 We all know the value of money. Money is a fluid object and to each individual, it means something different.  

To you or me, money can buy comforts, grand feasts, well-constructed houses, a great holiday trip and academic qualification, designer dresses, appealing makeovers from beauty salons, and whatnot!

For poor individuals money means their passport to survival, getting access to two times basic meals, a decent one-bedroom house, buying warm clothing from a thrift store at the cheapest rates, and the ability to get a basic healthcare checkup in need. 

Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation

Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation

On this Thanksgiving, when we are expressing our gratitude for this beautiful life, by having good jobs or having our loved ones by our side- let’s do something different.

Let us spend more time to help someone we do not know. Let us make a decision to donate to a charitable organization working to restore peace in our society. Let us contribute to a nonprofit organization working tirelessly to establish equality and equity in our community.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving is celebrated with deliciously cooked turkey and pies and with the company of friends and family. On this occasion, we completely delve into the feelings of gratitude filled with the inward expression of kindness that we have received from others.

Our Happiness and bounties will multiply when we share it with others especially those who do not have the capability to buy good food for their children, send them to school or provide them warmth when it is cold. Our financial aid can definitely bring the same holiday spirit to the homeless or hungry families, and individuals who earn less not only for the upcoming Thanksgiving but throughout the year.

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NGOs, nonprofits, and other trust organizations are playing an essential role in our society by providing immediate relief to the one who is suffering in starvation, sickness, illiteracy, or without safe shelter. They have also embraced the sacred mission to break the cycle of poverty and injustice, in every arena of life by helping to provide fundamental rights to people regardless of their social or financial status.

By funding the charitable projects of non-governmental organizations, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of unfortunate and vulnerable people. These projects cannot drive beneficial results for society unless we step forward to make a donation.

Consider making a donation today. Your small donation can change a life and give somebody a reason to hope and live.

Donate on Thanksgiving

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