10 Interesting Facts About Ramadan

10 Interesting Facts About Ramadan

Interesting Facts About Ramadan

There is always a great deal of excitement whenever the holy month of Ramadan arrives. There is a lot of exaggeration as to what Muslims do in this blessed month. A lot of made-up stuff floats on the web pages, which causes nothing but more confusion and chaos. Hence, we thought it would be best to revisit the basics of Ramadan. Even recalling the basics sounds surprising to beginners. Hence, we thought it was prudent to name this discussion the interesting facts about Ramadan! You might be pleasantly surprised to discover or rediscover some of these facts about the holy month of Ramadan!

The Top 10 facts About Ramadan

Well, here we get to know the interesting facts about Ramadan. Without further ado, let’s see what we have in store to surprise you with!

1- Etymology of the Word Ramadan

It is very interesting to know that the word Ramadan has its roots in the Arabic language. It is derived from the word Ramada, which roughly translated to scorching heat. It is called so because Muslims believe that a fast will burn their sins like an intense fire!

2- The Daylight Hours Fasting Theory

Muslims have to fast during daylight hours. This is the basic obligation imposed on Muslims by the holy month of Ramada. But what about those Muslims who live in places like Polar Regions? Well, if you are a Muslim living somewhere with the midnight sun, you can follow the sunlight hours of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

 The History of Ramadan

3- Who is Exempted From Fasting in Ramadan?

The month of Ramadan requires all adults to fast from dawn to dusk. However, there are a few exceptions in this regard. But the interesting about Ramadan is if you are extremely ill, you can fast later when you get better. Also exempted from fasting are travelers, pregnant or breastfeeding women, diabetic patients, and menstruating women.

4- An Increased Demand for Food

Ramadan is all about fighting desires and cravings. Staying hungry for a good number of hours might give the impression that food demand decreases in Ramadan. But the interesting fact about Ramadan is that This is incorrect. All around the world, Muslims rush to the dining tables the moment it is time to break the fast. They eat at home, rush to cafes, eat in the morning, and sometimes do overeating. This eventually translates into an increased food demand, even in the holy month of Ramadan!

5- The Ritual of Moon Sighting

How is it declared that it is Ramadan time? This an intriguing question with an interesting answer. To declare that it is officially Ramadan, Muslims rely on moon sightings. On spotting the crescent moon, the official authorities make a formal announcement that it is the beginning of Ramadan!

6- The Benefits of Fasting

Fasting properly is an art. If done correctly, it can have an amazing effect on your body, both physically and spiritually. The endorphins released as a consequence of day-long fasting can improve your mental health, that’s why it is considered as a most interesting fact about Ramadan. 30 days of fasting also helps in eliminating poisonous toxins from the body.

Health Benefits of Fasting

7- The Fanous

You might have seen this one in TV commercials. A Fanous is a type of lantern which has a lot of symbolic meaning associated with it. It portrays hope and serves as a leading light in times of darkness. Not that it is practically used anymore, but Fanous still serves as a symbol of the month of Ramadan!

8- Fasting Predates Islam!

It might seem a little irrelevant here, but also an interesting fact about Ramadan, is that fasting does predate Islam. Both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament mention abstaining from drinking and eating food. Needless to say, both of these trends are followed in Ramadan as well!

9- What if You are Sick During Ramadan?

There is relaxation for those who are chronically ill. In case of extreme illness, you are allowed to skip fasting. However, when recovery is made, making up for the lost chances is obligatory!

10- The Appropriate Greetings For Ramadan?

Ramadan Mubarak!  It is a sweet little thing you can say to someone once the moon has been sighted.


Well, that is all from this discussion. Ramadan is a month, extremely important to Muslims all around the world. Considering the religious, spiritual, economic, and moral values associated with this holy month, this month means a great deal. Only fasting in the truest sense will endow you with the true benefits of this blessed time!

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